Monday, April 16, 2007

We are home for now

Chelle and I were sent home from the hospital this evening.
Its very difficult to put into words, but the prognosis is really bad. The "high risk" baby doctor told us that it is surprising that our baby is still fighting.  They really don't expect our little guy to make it. We are choosing to believe otherwise. 
I'm writing this from my phone, so forgive me for not giving too many details. I will try to describe the situation at more depth tomorrow.
In the meantime please continue to pray for peace for my precious wife and that God continues to complete the good work he started.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Christian, Chelle, and Baby Bird,
I am continuing to pray. Our little guy is a fighter! I am so proud of my nephew!! I continue to believe that he is going to make it and thrive and grow healthy.

Hugs from Sivje

Anonymous said...

Dear Christian, Chelle and baby,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily. May God be your rock, your refuge and your hope. May you find peace and strength in the many family and friends that support and surround you.

Chris and Christine Barbir

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update, I appreciate them more than you know. So thank you, I can't get you all out of my mind and keep sending you strength and positive energy. Alisha and I did a cheers for Chelle tonight as we broke out the bordeaux glasses in your honor. May your little man continue to beat the odds! I'm sending you my angel Skip Vandal to use as long as he needs. Help him to fight like you did Dad. I love you all. God Bless you. Tam.

Anonymous said...

Christian, Chelle and Baby Crowe,
We have been praying for all of you throughout the evening and into the night, believing for nothing short of a complete healing and God's perfect plan for your entire family. You son is a MIRACLE.

Love to all 3 Crowes,
The McCallums

SSchermer said...

There's a reason he's still fighting! I'll continue checking back for updates. Hugs from the Schermer's.

Anonymous said...

Peace be with all of you.
Your strength and faith is to be admired. We send our prayers and faith to you.
Margaret & Dave

Anonymous said...

Dear Christian, Chelle, and baby,

You don't know me, but I am Tammi's sister in law. Michael and I are praying for your little one every day.

Michael and Laura Vandal

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammi,
I have read everything about your friend: I am father, my boy born in 24th of March. He is ok. so ...I understand how your friend felt.

We are spanish...obsviosly.


(Tam's friend from Saltillo, Mexico)

Anonymous said...

Still praying in arkansas.