Friday, April 27, 2007

Middle of the Night in Long Beach Memorial

There is a slumber party in our room and I can't sleep. So I have had the opportunity to walk the halls of the hotel and talk to God. It's very quiet here. Not much information to pass along. Chelle has finally dozed off to sleep and the nurses are keeping a close eye on her progress.

Look at all the sleeping beauties. 3 of my favorite people. My wife, my mom and my dad.
Everyone had suggested to me that we try and rest when the opportunities present themselves. I made the mistake however, of drinking a milkshake at 9:00. Sugar and stress keep me awake.

When my parents learned of our situation, they packed the minivan and drove the 9 hours from Reno to be with us. You would think we could come up with better beds for our guest.

Here is a shot of Chelle and I earlier in the evening. No this isn't movie magic, it's just a mirror.

Beautiful Bella


Anonymous said...

man, you guys are good lookin'!

Thanks so much for all the good updates...and...maybe your Dad coul;d update his blog too?

your East Coast 5

Sonya Conway said...

I am checking your blog all the time and my prayers are with you.

Tam. said...

Good morning beautiful people. The sun is shining in TX, hope it is there too. Love you all, Tam.

Auntie Sivje said...

Ok, we are up now and praying. We love you all.

Jen Anderson said...

ChelleBelle and Christian - just wanted you to know I'm up here in ND saying lots of prayers for you all. Thanks to B&B for the link to the blog - and for keeping us informed. Love you both lots. YBS - Jen

Momma Carol and Todd said...

Good Morning, Momma Carol just called to see how you are doing and Todd called this morning for the update too. We are all pulling for you, love you, Tam.

Serena said...

Morning, Hope you all got pleanty of rest. Today could be a busy day. At least lets hope so or your in for an even longer day.
We will pray for progress.

Hugs all around.

Serena & Kids.
They were all asking if there was any news.

Suzette said...

Hey you two! Christian, your blogs are great. Your comment about not needing sleep when you were young, but now???? Get ready mister, kids don't know the difference between night and day and make it their young life's mission to deprive you of the good stuff! My husband actually thought you could "bank" sleep and slept 10 hours a night when we were preggo. Guess what? He was wrong! You'll love it, though, I promise. Hope you two are able to welcome the mister into the world today. I'll keep checking back for more details. CHELLE, you're a DAMN DOLL! Truly, a beautiful lady inside and out...

Much love from the Schermers.

Anonymous said...

The drowned out colors in your photos really convey the stress, sleep deprivation and boredom of waiting at the hospital. You guys have been very strong through this. My thoughts and prayers are pulling for you.