Tuesday, February 28, 2006

News Flash!!!
Apparently, this was just found in the Einstein archives! He really was brilliant.

Presenting Andy and Kim Mumma!

This last week Chelle and I had the priviledge of seeing our old roommate Andy marry his bride Kim. It just so happened that Chelle and Kim had been friends for a long time before Andy met her. We are so happy that two of our dear friends found each other and get the opportunity to live happily ever after.

After their nupitals in Vegas, the happy couple returned to Los Angeles with Chelle and me. We played in the sand at Paradise Cove, went to an Indian restaurant in Santa Monica, toured through Hollywood, and enjoyed pints at a British pub together. It was another great weekend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines

Today is Valentines Day! It's really not that different than any other day for us. Since our marriage a year and 4 months ago, we have been blessed to celebrate our love every day. Chelle and I constantly praise God that we are together. We are having so much fun being married. Both of us have had challenging relationships in the past, but those circumstances only make us that much more appreciative for what we have now.

Thank you Butch and Betty for bringing Chelle into the world, raising her so well, and allowing me to marry her! She is my best friend and I love her dearly.

We are very excited to see what the future brings for us. Puppies, Children, Grandchildren? Who knows, it'll sure continue to be a fun adventure.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Grandma Coster See you in heaven.

Norma Coster of Ashland, formerly of Eugene, died Feb. 9 of age-related causes. She was 90.
Coster was born Dec. 3, 1915, in Ambrose, N.D., to Enevold and Esther Strand. She married Grant Coster in Port Townsend, Wash., on Dec. 18, 1937. He died Feb. 3, 2000.
She had lived in Ashland for the past six years. Before that, she lived in Eugene for 50 years. Coster also lived in Bremerton, Wash., and Seattle.
Coster retired from the Eugene School District as a lunch cook.
She was a member of First Church Christian in Eugene and a member of Pythian Sisters.
Survivors include a daughter, Barb Crowe of Ozark, Mo.; a son, Jay Coster of Ashland; a brother, Earl Strand of Eugene; six grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.
No service is planned.
England's Eugene Memorial Chapel is in charge of arrangements.
And the Grammy goes to..... Audio Adrenaline.

After seeing Garin, Sandra and the boys off we immediately met up with Brian and Kim Whitman. (I apologize for not getting any photos of the two of them together.)

Last year at this time we had All Star United bass player Adrian Walther and his wife Sharon stay over while they attended the Grammys. This year it's All Star guitar player Brian. Adrian had played for nominee Sara Kelly. Brian has been playing guitar with Audio Adrenaline for about the last year and a half. I'm very happy for Audio A to win. I love those guys. In fact when I first visited Nashville after Versus won our recording contract with StarSong records, the guys from Audio A were some of the first musicians I met there.

I believe it's a bit of "poetic justice" now that both Adrian and Brian have had the opportunity to attend the Grammys. In 1998 All Star United was nominated and attended the awards show. At that time however, Gary Miller and Dave Clo were filling the bass and guitar roles. It's nice now that all of ASU has been Grammy attendies. Maybe someday All Star United will be able to go again. You never know, there is a new record on the way.

Stay tuned......
A visit from Garin, Sandra and the boys

This week we were blessed with a visit from my cousin Garin and his wife Sandra and sons Cole and Kai. They had already spent time in Disneyland and Legoland, so we went to the Santa Monica Pier and played in the Ocean.

It was an absolutely beautiful day.

There is always something big happening at the Santa Monica beach. When we moved here there was a huge tent set up in this spot for a Cirque De Solei performance. This time it was a building made from the type of cartons you would usually see on a shipping vessel or a semi truck. This thing was so big. It turns out it is being used to house a museum.


Although Christian and I have little to less than little interest in Sports in general, we are always up for a reason to party.....and So it was....Superbowl 2006 at the Crowe's Nest!!!!

Chili, cheese puffs, Fiddle Faddle and Fun for all! Among the "bowlers" were: C2, J2 (Josh and Judy, Lisa and Josh #2, the Shiv, and Maggie Moo Shockro (just for a while).

We enjoyed the commercials as all intelligent sports' buffs should and had one touchdown of a good time!


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rock-n-Roll Diner

On Saturday Chelle and I had lunch at the Rock-n-Roll Diner. So much fun!

Here is the entrance to the Oceano Beach where cars are allowed. You can drive right onto the beach and camp for only $10.00. Something we'll definitely have to do very soon.
Hummer Tour of the Oceano Dunes

Friday I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to cruise the dunes in Oceano with my sales reps from the Santa Maria office. What a blast! We all met up for lunch and then loaded up into two Military Humvies that had been agumented with three additional seats . The seats have the type of seat belts that are in race cars. They are meant to hold you in place while the Hummer gets air and defies gravity while traversing the steep dunes.

The get togther was so much fun, although it was bittersweet. It was the final day for one of the best sales reps that Nextel/Sprint will ever have. Blair has chosen to move on to other endeavors. He will be missed, but I am sure he will be very succesful in anything he chooses to do.

Very Cool Photoshop Contest

I saw this over at boing boing. Good times.

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