Monday, July 27, 2009

Cherish visits Minnesota
YO! That's right suckas', I am one BadBaby....Me and my side-kick Whoz know how to Stroll
Yum Yum Yum I love my PuffPuffPuffs - Thanks Auntie Suze for all my new food!
Had the bestest snuggles ever in the arms of Uncle Chris Schermer - what a sweetheart
Here is Auntie Suzette (aka Suze) and the lovely Princess Tenny in their kitchen. We had SUCH a wonderful stay at the Schermer Estates in Edina, MN - I will be sure to book in advance for next year, as this is a very very popular place to be:-)

Next stop was with Brandy and the kids in Alexandria. My Brandy with Gavin and Abby. 

Bella, Brandles and Nonna Beam with Glee aboard the USSShaffer, while the 4th of July Sea Sprite doesn't let on what a blast she is truly having heehee.
??? "Sooo, does this Life Jacket make my cheeks look fat???"
Here sit cousins Cherish Noel and Olivia Elyse -  once again filled to the brim with American Pride and overflowing with joy to be on camera. hahaha  Btw-thanks cuz for the festive attire
Cheeks McGee here, ready for action and just enough hair to put in a bow- thanks mom!
WOO HOO, Cass Lake Cool, we're lovin' it!
 Too Cute! Jamie and Jason....they escorted Christian and me to the  Junction, ( a little hole in the wall bar in Cass Lake) for cocktails and pub games with the crew while Nonna babysat her Cherish- FUN!
More of the  crew to join at the Junction. L-R Tammie, Brian, Me, and Mary.
Dancing duo on Date night out!
My favorite flightless bird and snuggler - Cherish in her Penguin suit from Auntie Siv.  Soooo Cute!!
Had to stay cozy at the cabin in Cass - cool nights and good sleeps :-)
Reunited with dear High School friends: Bella, Heather, Dano, and Gina. Love you gals!
Cousin Nicholas weds his High School Sweetheart, Jenni.  A beautiful ceremony in Two Harbors, MN
 The wedding party
Our picture perfect princess in pink. She sat like an angel with Nonna and Poppa - what proud parents we were.....however, others may not have been as pleased with our little childrens choir cooing their approval from the rear corner of the Church.  Oopps! But boy were they all cute.
Pictures in the Rose Gardens on the Lake Superior shores in Duluth following the ceremony. 
Poppa Butch Shaffer holding Cherish, Nonna Betty, Bella, and Lori Patterson.

Fine looking Gents! Uncle Darrell, Christian and Eric
Rock Star cool and still no smile.  
Shoreside photos with the family in Canal Park, Duluth.
Proud Grammies and their beauties!
Doris and Olivia, Nonna Betty and Cherish and Margie with Peyton
The Terrible Trio photo shoot debacle
Adorned in their special "red white and cute" custom made outfits via SivjeGoose the seamstress, the triplet girls could not sit still to save their lives.  Oh well! I was hoping to re-create a darling photo done of the boys (cousins Eric, Matt and Justin), when they were similar in age to these girls.  It is now documented for their grandmothers (Doris, Margie and Betty respectively by dob of babes), Olivia Elyse, Peyton Marie, and Cherish Noel all born in 2008 . May you girls create many wonderful memories and carry on Patterson traditions for many years to come!
Cutie Pies 3 - "Pey", "O" and "miss C3"
We big girls couldn't be out "cuted" by the little ones, so we just hopped on the bed and showed them how to smile for the camera!  
(L-R) Katie (mommy to Olivia) Amy (auntie to Peyton) and Chelle Belle (Cherish's mom forever)
What a great trip indeed!  We love you Family~

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cherish at the lake

Baby's first Cass Lake trip.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

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