Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Water Has Broken

Its 12:45am and Chelle's water has broken. We have spoken to Dr. Tejani and she has scheduled us a bed at Los Alamitos Hospital for 7:00am. Chelle has had no contractions so far. If she does start getting them, we can go to the hospital sooner. We haven't felt the baby move in the last 24 hours so the prognosis is not a good one. 
Please pray for peace for us since we are both very concerned and scared. 

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Tam said...

May God wrap his arms around you today and give you strength!

Linette said...

I'm Tammi Vandal's Aunt Nett. I lost my first child through a miscarriage when I was five months along. I never got to know if it was a boy or a girl because according the nurse it had begun going back into the placenta as it was not a healthy embryo. A friend of mine went full term and the baby died a few minutes after birth.

God has many ways we don't understand and even though I new this it took me five years to get through a menstrual cycle without crying.

Eight year later we had a beautiful baby girl, Kelly Marie, who has filled our lives with so much joy. While no one can ever replace our first child, we have been blessed with Kelly.

Allow yourselves to go through the gamut of emotions that will come from time to time. God will help you through them. Your baby is in good hands no matter what.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all the way.


Anonymous said...

Your NH people are here for anything you need.
Call or email anytime

Jennifer Murff said...

Hi from Jennifer Murff in TX, my thoughts are with you!

(met at Tam's party)