Thursday, April 26, 2007

10:00 and Some Grandparents

Well, my folks have arrived. Its so nice to have them here with us.
Our new nurse has brought in an additional chair that can morph into an uncomfortable bed for the people that have to wait through the night. It appears that we are going to be those people tonight.
Chelle is ok, but is very tired of laying in this bed. She has been laying here for over 13 hours and is ready for a change of scenery.
I am getting very punchy. As I attempt to write this update, I find myself staring at this Blackberry and I keep fading out. When I was younger I could go without sleep and be fine. I guess those days are gone. I'm stupid when I don't sleep.  Good thing they have Starbucks coffee here.
I'll let you know where we stand in a few hours.

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Serena said...

Sorry I can't stay up with you. I am glad your parents made it. Tell them hello and give hugs.
I shall be off to bed shortly as I have kids to get to school in the morning.

Won't they let Chelle walk around a bit. They always did me. It also helps encourage contrations.
Take care and god bless. You have all our prayers.

Auntie Sivje said...

Thanks for the update. You both look cute but tired. I am glad Mom and Dad are there with you now. I wish I could be there. I just keep praying. I love you all so much.