Monday, January 30, 2006

Grand Re-Opening of the Getty Villa

Our thoughtful neighbor Ari had requested tickets the very first day they were available back in November, which got us in to the Getty Villa on the very first day it was re-opened. I understand that if you go on the site now to request tickets the soonest you can get in is August. Anyway, thanks Ari! You're the man!
So on Saturday Chelle and I went to visit the Getty Villa. Originally the site of the Getty Museum, it was too small to display all the works that John Paul Getty had amased. It was closed down once the new location (just norht of Sunset on the i405) was opened. During that time it has undergone some major renovations. It is awesome. I'm not a huge art conasure, but I sure do enjoy impressive architecture, and this definitely has both.

Heres my bride looking at the map of what we are about to see.

This me in front of the cool pool and you really can't tell, but that is our pacific ocean in the background. Also, not visible is the actual residence of JP Getty just down the hil and to the left.

I thought this was so cool. I think it looks like half of the Escher painting.

Check here for more info:

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Star Princess Cruise January 7-15 2006

"Welcome Aboard my mates to the lovely Star Princess", this is your Captain speaking. Please join me and my crew from across all lands, as we take you on a wonderful water journey to Cozamel, Grand Cayman Island, and Montego Bay. Put your drinking hats and sea-sickness bracelets on tightly for it shall be a very SMOOTH and fun filled trip atop the crests of our beautiful blue seas.
thank you and enjoy your cruise..........

Handsome husband and I toasting arm in arm to our first cruise in Mom and Dad's stateroom.

HOW CUTE!!! Mother Betty Shaffer shares a smile and beams happy thoughts in front of the flowers Dad bought for her in honor of their "dream come true" - a beatuiful boquet for the mother of his children - we are all here together!

Look at these two hunky devils - don't they just look like trouble dressed up as trouble!
Spud is the lean and lanky lusty Swedish Lover and his roommate Jake is his darkly tanned bedroom-eyed sidekick. Togther they were a force to be reckoned with :)

Many times in my life I have been told to "go to Hell" I did. This is what is looks like!
Rumor has it that many years ago, an English Captain had been told the same thing and this is what he said" This place looks like Hell" - Hence the name.
Apparantly the coral that existed from so long ago basically petrified and other land began to form around this area. This formation is about half the size of a football field and does seem like a portrayal of what the dark underworld just might look like.

***Christian did manage to find beauty even here and photographed a gorgeous Iguana perusing the ashen reef of old.

"greetings from Hell" - C2 in front of the postoffice in Hell.

Although there really is a road to Hell, deep black roosters with piously plumed tails and bright red warblers that fight like hell, 3 souveneir shops that are smaller than hell, an old indescribable formation that looks like Hell, had it not been an overcast day, it would have been hotter than hell, there is also a Crismon barn with flames and bible sayings so you can stay out of hell...the native people were most definitely Christian - both in spirit and in faith.
Christine, our tour guide/driver had the heart of an angel and the mouth of an answering machine on speed. (Mom - I think we met our match for marathon words per minute!!!!)

What a plumpdilliumptios dinner.....again!
Note: there is simply not enough room on this website to list the menu items we ate ---- not to mention all that was available to us that we Could have eaten - many many times per day, many many portions at a time ANY time of the day......UUUGGHHH.

In fact, I think I am getting full again just writing about our gormet gorges!!!!

Well lookeee here......Ships of the past........ships of the present. Hmmmmm think ours is better!

Aren't we adorable! C Crowes are filled to the brim with food, fun and fabulous family!

"Cheers, Dears!" the Gangs all here
Poppa Betch and Momma Butty, Big Bro Chrishty Crowe and Super Sissy Bella, Lil' man Spud and our adopted, adorable Jake! Hip Hip Hooray!

The awe and wonder of the sky and sea......

We end our nights by the light of day,
the power of the ocean as our force; in control.
The comfort of family so near, soon so far.
The reality of love from above owns our hearts.

Merry New Year and Happy Christmas always!
----Bella Danee

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Just arrived back in the USA

This is the first blog done remotely. Chelle thinks I'm a nerd, but I wear that name like a badge of honor. We have snuck into the Crown Club or whatever it is called. ( I have a Silver Medalion Delta Club Card, but it expired in December of 1999. ). I'm sitting in front of my laptop, but am using my Blackberry™ to post this blog. My wife doesn't understand why I wouldn't type this directly with the laptop instead of the Blackberry™. The answer is simple, because I can.

Anyway, we have just returned from a week long Princess Cruise with our family. Chelle and I are in the Ft. Lauderdale airport waiting to fly home to Los Angeles.
When we get a chance we will be up loading the photos from the trip, so stay tuned for more.

Christian Crowe

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