Saturday, April 14, 2007

Prayer Request

Chelle and I received bad news yesterday from the doctor about the health of our unborn baby. We are still very uncertain about all the details, but want to let you know what we have been told so that we can have as many prayers as possible requesting a miracle.

Thursday morning at our Ultra Sound while we were hoping to learn the gender of our child, the doctor saw what she thought to be fluid in the chest. They scheduled a more powerful Ultra Sound for Friday to get a more detailed analysis. That analysis uncovered three major problems. The fluid in the abdomen is most likely caused due to a major heart anomaly. The heart is swollen and is probably in cardiac arrest. There is a hole in the cerebellum where the spinal chord meets the brain. The combination of these equate to strong chance of a chromosomal defect. The doctors’ claim there is not much chance of our baby being born healthy. This is where your prayers can help. Please agree with us in requesting a miracle.

We have an appointment schedule for Thursday, April 19th with a specialist. If the heart is in cardiac arrest, they may need to perform an emergency c-section and operate on our baby.

We have faith that God can overcome all of these challenges and heal our child.

Please join us in prayer.

I will post periodic updates here.

Feel free to leave comments of encouragement for my adorable and precious wife.


Sonya Conway said...

Christian and Chelle -
I am so sorry. My prayers are with you and your little one.

Barb said...

Remember how loved you all are. Tons of love from all of us. mommie

Tammi Vandal said...

I keep looking at pictures of you two and think, why? My heart hurts for you two but it keeps getting squished out with this overwhelming feeling of HOPE...When I look at your picture I just know it is going to be alright. God smiled on you by bringing you together-that didn't just "happen." And he will continue to smile on you moving forward. I love you both and baby too. Just know you are so in my thoughts and prayers. I have sent your prayer request as far as Norway already and it's only going to continue to sail into peoples hearts. Smooches to you, Tam.

Julie Taylor, said...

I haven't seen you in a while but I still love you guys and I know that God will keep all of you safe. We will all be praying for you here in TN. I am sending bunches and bunches of love all three of you!!!!
I luv u,
Julie T in TN

Serena said...

I just heard the news from Darlene.
I want to let you know our prayers are with you each and every day.

All our Love,
Serena & Family

Liz Tabosa said...

I will certainly put your friends Chelle and Christian and their baby in my prayers.
Hugs, Liz.

(Tam's friend)

Tam said...

Hi guys, just came back from church and wanted to let you know you are on the prayer chain for Crown of Life Lutheran Church in Colleyville, TX. Love you so mucho! Tam.

Cheryl Walsh, friend of Tammi. said...

My prayers are being sent.