Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy 30 Birthday Lake Havasu City 
Saturday morning Chelle and I took a Vespa ride down to McCulloch to watch the birthday parade.
We were suprised at how long it was, the parade lasted about 2 and a half hours.
There were two marching bands, several floats, old classic cars and a bunch of dectorated motorcycles.
 We sat and clapped and chuckled.  What a perfect day indeed for a little sidewalk viewing and people watching.  Small town parade can still equal big time fun for us.
The classic car cruised down the ave in pristine condition.
Oldies tunes cranking and people cheering.

... and a bicycle built for four. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stopped for gas and found some history

Thursday after working in LA, I drove back to Havasu taking the southern route on Interstate 10. I took an exit to fill the car's tank and empty mine and stumbled across some exciting history.

I didn't stop to go inside, but may sometime in the future. However, outside near the parking lot is a fenced area full of army artifacts from Patton's era.

There are probably near a dozen assorted tanks and military vehicles in the area outside the museum. I'll have to make a point of visiting the museum one of these days.


After being sick on Wednesday from eating bad fish, my immune system must be underpowered 'cause now I feel like I'm catching a cold.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy 30th! Eric

Saturday October 11th was Eric's 30th birthday. Celebrating with him were his best friend Brandon and his wife Jill, Chelle and I, and three dogs.

The majority of the time was spent hanging out in the back yard grilling, drinking, and playing in the pool.

Brandon and Eric played several fierce games of badminton and even though it was Eric's birthday Brandon destroyed.

Big sister/little brother

Brandon and Jill's baby Pumpkin had a great time playing with Crockett and Clementine.


Jill, Brandon with Pumpkin in one of Chelle's doggie dresses.

Eric's improvement on Bella's homemade birthday cake.

Saturday night we went out to Heat, Shugrues, and Javalena Cantina.

London Bridge at night.