Friday, June 13, 2008

Weekend in Del Mar

The weekend before Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPhone, Chelle and I drove down to Del Mar to visit Greg and Megan. We got to see their new place, meet Teddy and I finally met Greg's buddy Brad. Brad is one of the Barnes brothers from New York. Greg has been working with them on some film projects.

Teddy is the softest and sweetest puppy I have seen in a long time. He doesn't bark and is always mellow (at least from what I could see). You just want to pick him up and squeeze him.

The five us went out for Sushi and were entertained by the sounds of the Romantics playing across the street at the Del Mar street fair. I considered walking over to the concert to see what they look like now (I was a fan in the eighties), but I decided it was best to keep the images in my head of how cool they were then instead of spoiling it with reality.

Token silly photo

Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Chelle!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Memorial Day Patio Party

Memorial Day weekend we had a little get together at Havasu.

Trent, Bobbi, Linney and Jamye all met up with Chelle and I at the AZ home. Up to this point we had not seen anything but clear skies around town, but on Friday and Saturday we had a rain storm.

It was difficult not being able to swim, but we made the most of it.

Linney made gumbo, but everyone got in on the cooking fun (except me but someone had to be the photographer.)

We tried to spend time outside, thank goodness for the fire ring and blankets.

The men preferred the heat of the Spa to fight off the cold.

Saturday Trent treated us to bacon and eggs. He is pretty good at making grub.

Saturday afternoon Brian and Ginny drove up from Phoenix. Immediately we put them under the microscope to determine their personality profiles. In the group we had 3 ENFP, 2 ISFJ, a ESFP, 1 ESTJ, and a ENTP. Can you guess who is what.

The covered patio provided shelter for the meals in spite of the weather.

Meanwhile Crockett and Clementine cuddled on their favorite chair.

Sunday we were delighted to have a bright sunny day! Trent and Bobbi grilled up some burgers and dogs for lunch.

Can you guess which dog Trent trained and which ones belong to Chelle and I?

This was obviously a challenge that had to be overcome.

Fortunately Ginny is a pro hair tamer.

Sunday afternoon we headed down to the redneck Riviera to watch the boats and boaters.

Seriously! This guy had a DUDE tatoo. I didn't get a clear shot of his buddy but I kid you not, the other guy had SWEET on his back. I wonder if they'll ever realize that this wasn't a good idea.

In addition to grilling, he can also fill the pool toys.

I am good at floating on them.

In the afternoon we put on our Sinatra pool party attire and the real party began.

We had a great dinner.

Trent and Bob

Christian with Brian and Ginny

Mike, Chelle and Jamye

And then the dancing began.... dancing always leads to the limbo.

Chelle gets her groove on!

I'm not sure how we got to this, actually I tried throwing several people in the pool and Jamye was nice enough to pretend she didn't know what I had up my sleeve. Here she demonstrates how to turn an ordinary pair of jeans into a lifesaving floatation device.

Everybody but Jamye, Chelle and I left on Monday to drive back to their respective homes. Chelle and I took the Jamye to the Turtle.

When you come and visit we'll take you here as well.

Chelle and I sure love it here and look forward to sharing our place with all of you.