Thursday, March 29, 2007

Crowe's Nest trois (3)

This last weekend we moved into a house in Cerritos, CA. It's just a few minutes up the freeway from where we used to live. We are loving it so far. It already feels like "home".

A Supersized Thank you to Mom and Pop Crowe for all their help in making this transition happen! I do believe that we would still be living in a cardboard castle if they hadn't come to the rescue!

Here is the view from our Front entryway into the foyer. To the right is our sitting room and then through to the kitchen. Straight ahead to the right you'll see our dining room and to the left is a sunken living room.

Our "grown up" dining table- fresh off the delivery truck today. We love having furniture that coordinates! It makes us feel like we might be mature enough to have a baby! ahhhhhhaa :)


Here is a shot into our kitchen. Notice how much smaller it looks since my belly is taking up so much more room these days. (In my defense, this top in particular makes me look even larger than I am, and the pose isn't the most flattering either.) However, no matter how I "roll" it, I am a round little momma in the making!

le Kitchen

Our puppy playground - also known as our cement yard! here is the view just off the dining and living rooms.

King Crockett and Princess Clementine rule over their new land.

The new sectional and living room. I do believe I could get used to lazing here for a least a year.....

Another angle of our lounging lair. Complete with fireplace and great views from all angles of the couch. AHHHHHHH - restful bliss~

***Please note, we are still settling in so there will be better updates soon. Like: entertainment cabinet for all the tech eqip, art on the walls etc. but you get the idea...)

Hi ho, hi ho, its up the stairs we 3 bedrooms and yes 2 baths, Hi ho, hi ho.

Where the lovin' happens! Note: swwwwweet balcony overlooking puppy playground. Prrrrrfect place for a new mom to enjoy the coffee her sweet husband will bring her every morning......uuuujhhhhmmmmm yeah....right after the nanny takes the baby from its new bassinette and feeds, burps and changes it - all day! hahahaha!!!

Brown and blue and polka dots too~

New baby bed from gps Shaffer with handmade quilt from grammie Crowe.

Office/ Guest room - still in process.....stay tuned.....

This will be the nursery. Mimmsie the Giraffe keeps a safe watch over the room awaiting the arrival of Baby Bird Crowe.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kevin Parker's 40th Birthday Party

Christian and Kevin

Saturday night February 24th we celebrated Kevin Parker's 40th birthday party. It had an 80's theme, but of course Chelle and I along with Kevin and his wife Loree are the only ones that dressed up. Oh well, that didn't bother us. We had a blast!

Kevin and Chelle

We met for dinner at The Crab Pot which is right around the corner from our house in the harbor. It is a fun place to eat. Several of us ordered crab. They bring the crab out to you and just dump it on the table for you to consume sans plate. There were 12 of us for dinner.

Tera, Loree, and Brandi

Johnny and Robin (standing), Holly and Jerry (sitting)

Sammy and I with the ladies

After dinner we headed over to Sachi for dancing and to see the Spasmatics (80's cover band).
Sam, Shadi, Anthony and Jennifer all joined up with us there for the continuation of the party.

Anthony, Gabe, Sam, Kevin and me

Judy, Tera, Loree and Shadi

Chelle and I all decked out in 80's attire

The Birthday couple.

We all had a great time, and I am so very happy to still be such great friends with all my old Sprint co-workers.