Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Gondola Getaway

Just over the bridge on the other side of Harbor Beach lies the Gondola Getaway. There you will find about a dozen authentic Venetian gondolas that are available when the mood hits.
According to their website, "They gently cruise the enchanting canals and waterways of Naples Island near the resort area of Belmont Shores in Long Beach." Anyway, all that being said, when our friends and families visit we will have to give it a try. LINK
Saturday on Dog Beach

We rode our bikes down to lay in the sun on our own Dog Beach. There is a section of the beach not far from where we live that has been designated for unleashed doggies. As you all know Chelle and I love us some doggies, so there is no better beach for us to enjoy then one with cute puppies roaming around.

This particular part of Long Beach is extremely popular for Kite Surfers as seen in the picture above. It really is amazing to watch them go.

Here are some puppies now. I don't think you can really see it from this photo, but in the background there are a kazillion small sailboats (they're out quite a way).

We look forward to bringing our puppy here once we meet just the right one to come live with us.

What about Bob?

In 1988 I moved to Portland, Oregon and into the band house of my new band Versus. Bob was probably the person I connected to the most. He has always seemed like a brother to me. Tuesday night he rang and alerted me that he was in town on vacation. So Wednesday night Bob and Chelsea came for a visit. We had a great time together. We had wine, cheese and crackers on our patio and then walked down 2nd street in Belmont Shores to Le Creperie (or something like that). When we returned to the house we continued catching up, Bob and I talked till 4:45 am. I love reminiscing with my friends. It is always so surprising to me how long ago certain things in my life happened. Many times they seem like only yesterday.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Beautiful Evening, Beautiful Wife

An absolutely gorgeous evening in Naples.

Chelle Belle and her new summer do. Gosh! Isn't she adorable? I don't know why I am asking that like I don't know. I know how lucky I am. She is the absolute cutest!!!

Ok, time to put the steaks on. Love you all, wish you were here.



Sunday, May 21, 2006

Saturday at the Beach

Exactly one week and a year later, we reconvened in the same spot on San Onofre Beach. Nick, Strat, Francesca, Arnold, Jackie, Steve, Orla, Baby Cleo, Josh, Judy, Chelle and I enjoyed a beautiful day of surfing, sun bathing, and grilling.

The weather was the best we have had for some time now. In SoCal there is a phase known as June Gloom. It seems like it has started early this year. It consists of cold overcast days until about two or three when it burns off and the sun begins to shine. This day however, the sun shined brightly the entire day.

Steve played the guitar and Cleo danced and clapped for us.

Another one of our video diaries.

Nick grilled up some great burgers and dogs for us. Although I did find him sitting down on the job.

The Happy Crowes.

Another beautiful California adventure for us. We continue to praise God that we are able to be out here and enjoy our first years of marriage so much.

We are very blessed.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Puppies Everywhere
Chelle and I had so much fun at the Bulldog Beauty Contest. We took the Vespa down the street to the Livingston Park. It's only about a mile away. (there is also a dog friendly beach real near as well.) As you can see from the photos there were close to 300 hundred dogs there. Most were Bulldogs, but dog lovers of all kinds brought there canines out to enjoy the show.

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Puppies, Puppies, Puppies

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Mother's Day

I am so blessed to have the two greatest Mothers in my life. My Mother has always been and always will be "Barbara Jean the Teenage Queen". She's the most lighthearted, joyful, fun person you can ever get the pleasure of meeting. Of course those are not her only qualities, that's just what you get the first time you meet her. She is also an extremely compassionate, loving, caring, nurturing, giving, ambitious, driven, intelligent, well spoken, professional woman who after raising both my sister and me, sold almost all of her belongings and left her home to be with my father and follow the Lord's calling to the mission field.
After spending nearly five years in Kingston Jamaica, she and my father returned to the US to start over. Five years ago, she took on a new challenge and added Realtor to the list of adjectives that describe her.
I am always blown away by her strength and character. My father, sister, me and now my wife are very lucky to have her in our lives.
If that wasn't great enough, a year and a half ago, I was given the gift of another great mother. I know that it is a long running joke that Mother-in-Laws are the bane of the husband's existence. That is so far from the truth in my life. When I married Chelle I married into the Shaffer family and I love it. My mother-in-law is awesome, and I love spending time with her and my father-in-law Butch. Every July we get together and spend a week with them, and although I am not sure if we will be together this July, I am missing them and looking forward to being with them as soon as we can.
Happy Mother's Day to my two favorite moms.

Bulldog Beauty Contest

Today we are heading down the street on the Vespa to Livingston park to watch the 2nd Annual Bulldog Beauty Contest. We are very excited and plan on taking photos that we'll post here later this evening. LINK

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday in Belmont Shores

Chelle and Myself are hanging out with our friend Megan Shockro. We walked down 2nd street to Murphy's Irish pub. Hanging out on the patio enjoying a pint and a burger and watching all the cool old cars and motorcycles driving by.
We are loving are new home! 

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

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We are moved in!!!!!

Oh my gosh! You have no idea. Well, you probably do if you have ever moved. In fact, everytime I do a move I think it's never been as bad. This one was no different. Chelle and I packed all day Saturday and Sunday as well took several trips down in our car. Living on the second floor in both the departing and arrive apartments makes for very sore legs and backs. Bright and early Monday we got up and got busy again. The Starving Students moving company truck arrived at 9:15am and once Grant and Robert assessed what was ahead of us, we started. The truck was packed by 1:30 and we headed south to the unloading spot, our new home! After arriving there, Chelle ran to Subway and us guys started unloading. We took a 15 minute break to shove the sandwiches down our throats and then we were back at it.
The truck was finally empty 9 hours after it arrived at our old place. We said our goodbyes to our new friends from the moving company and we started the unpacking process. Shortly afterwards, Chelle and I walked across the bridge to 2nd street and ate dinner at Ryan's Grill. Then back to the new apartment to make a place to sleep.
We are so delighted to share this new place with all our friends and family. We can't wait to share this new piece of heaven with all of you. So now it's time again for all of you who have visited us to schedule another trip to Cali to spend more time with us.
This time we will lounge at the pool and if the spirit moves us we can walk across the bridge and camp out on the beach.

Pictures and video to follow.



Thursday, May 04, 2006


I don't have a photo of it, but on my way home from work I had to fill the tank. First I went to my favorite gas station the cheapest unleaded was $3.69 a gallon! The premium was $3.99. Across the street cheapest was $3.59. I ended up turning around and going back to the station that is traditionally more expensive. The sign read $3.37, $3.47 and $3.59. When I pulled up to the pump I saw a small sign taped to the gas handle stating that the $3.37 gas was out of order. After moving my car to another pump I realized that all the $3.37 pumps were like that. So I had to put the $3.47 gas in. I can't get over how crazy these gas prices are. It's driving me nutty!! Well, I guess the bright side is that Chelle and I moving this weekend, so I will be in scooter distance to my office again.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Stinky Cheese and Wine Party

Saturday evening, Chelle, Tammy and I went with Josh and Judy to Redonda Beach for Renee and Ugo's Stinky Cheese and Wine Party. It was a great party and we met several new people as well as caught up with some good friends.

There was an assortment of cheeses from all over the world as well as wine for every taste.

Tammy is visiting us from Texas. She and Chelle have been friends since their college days. We thoroughly enjoying Tammy, she is a great girl and a fantastic houseguest. She is even going to extend her stay through this weekend to assist Chelle and I with packing for the move.

Everyone is amazed at Josh's poise as he balances the wine on his head.