Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday 10:45am

What a difference 90 minutes of sleep and a shower makes.  I feel like a new man.  We all were able to sleep here in the room a little this morning.
At 7:00 Chelle was only dialated to 2 centimeters. So she sent mom, dad and I home to take care of Crockett and Clementine and get cleaned up. Chelle was able to sleep some more while we were away.  Thank the Lord for Epidurals (sp?).  Speaking of that she got the Epidural this morning at 4:00 and has had a much easier time resting since then.
The nurse just came in and checked and Chelle is now dialated 3 centimeters.
She is feeling fine and continueing to be a trooper.
For those of you keeping track....
We are 32 weeks pregnant
Chelle's water broke 34 hours ago
We induced labor 26 hours ago
Her contractions are 2 minutes apart
And I'm the luckiest guy in the world to have been selected as her husband

Oh one more update:  right now on the Los Angeles news we are seeing our second runaway police chase. Its just like yesterdays.  Well, it is the land of the fruits and nuts.

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Anonymous said...


Hang in there, get as much rest as you can, and keep the posts comming!

_the dangerous5

The WannaBe Mexican said...

Thanks for the update C, you sound more chipper, 90 minutes may be on to something! Kiss your wife on the forehead for me. I'm headed to Houston and will check back once I arrive. Love to you all, Tam.

Auntie Sivje said...

Thanks for the update! I am glad you got a bit of rest. Of course I am going crazy waiting for updates. I am afraid to call because I don't want to call at a bad time.

Oh and the end of your post was sounding like a math story problem.........Ok, Chelle is 32 weeks pregnant, her water broke 34 hours ago, labor was induced 26 hours ago and her contractions are 2 minutes a part....So from this data, determine how fast the police were driving in the car chase!.......oh and show your work on the paper!

uh........just the strange mind of your sister who is slowly going crazy in the northern part of the state.

I love you all!!!

Don Parish said...


32 weeks pregnant + 34 hours at posting since water broke = 66 - 26 hours since induction (again at posting) = 40. Multiply the difference between the model years of the cars (perp = 77 Maverick, cop = 06, so 2006 - 1977 = 29. Form a quadratic equation where value 1 is 29/77, and value 2 is x/ Barbara Crowe's average speed driving to one of her children's sides (assumed to be 1/2 the speed of sound which is 340.29 mph at sea level. The equation reads as follows;

27/77 = X/(340.29*.5). Therefore, solving the equation in parenthes first, on half of 340.29 is 170.145. 29 divided by 77 is 0.3766233. So, 170.145 * .3766233 is 64.08 MPH (rounded off to the nearest 100th).

This is still far slower than Barbara Jean Crowe.

Sivje's Don

Kathy Holle said...

And…it sounds to me like she is the luckiest woman, too!

Kathy Holle, Tam's God Mom, New Salem ND