Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Celebration

TADA~ Merry Christmas to the whole gang! Christmas 2007 in Reno
Front: Chellebelle, Niece India (16), Sissy Sivje holding Ahnalin (3 1/2)
back: Christian, Poppa John Crowe, Momma Barbara Crowe, Poppa Butchy Shaffer, Mommy Betty Shaffer, and Big Brother Don Parish.
What a wonderful day for all of us. This was the first time that both sides of our family united for the holidays and the first visit in person ever for Christian's siblings to meet Chelle's parents.
Santa sure was great to ALL of us!!

Momma Betts shows off some Christmas treasure.

Our Baby could not be the only one without a laptop - So, Gram and Grandpa Crowe bought her her very own bright green computer! India was our Christmas elf~ isn't she beautiful!!

Clementine was comfy all day long on her "poppy's" lap - life sure is grand for this little schnitz!

The girls in their favorite gathering place- Mom's kitchen. (Belle, Momma Crowe, and sissy Sivjegoose.)

This is adorable! Poppa John with his little princess Ahnalin

Christmas is for Kids~ and Crockett sure was happy Santa got his letter this year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve in Nevada

Friday Chelle and I drove to my parents house in Sparks Nevada. We had told them that we were planning arriving on Saturday so when we showed up Friday it was quite a surprise.

Reunited Shaffer Chicks

Saturday evening we picked up Butch and Betty at the Reno airport and took them back to the David Walley Hot Springs Resort were we all spent the night.

Momma, Bella, and Papa Shaffer

The Resort is really nice and is only about an hour away from my folks house. The place is famous for its natural hot springs. Sunday we all went for a dip in the seven pools. It was totally relaxing and unlike most natural hot springs it didn't smell too bad.

The view of the mountains from our room.

The room has a patio that opens up to these great looking mountains. Just on the other side of the mountain range is Lake Tahoe. We hope to go for a drive around the lake later in the week.

The folks and Crockett

On Christmas Eve we all got together at my folks (the Crowe's) and had dinner together. We also watched a Christmas special church service.

Bella and Mom with Clementine

The family so far.

Eric is in Nashville and won't be able to join us this Christmas. Sivje and the family will be here early on the 26th. We are celebrating our Christmas on the 26th this year. So expect to see more group photos in the next few days.

Crockett chillin under the table

Pretty in pink


Cute Bella
Company Holiday Good Time Get Together

The Cerritos Holiday Lunch and Recognition Ceremony

Wednesday December 19th was a good day at American Telephone and Telegraph. We had a Holiday/Year End Recognition lunch event at the Cerritos office. It was cool to have so many of the employees in one room. It's not often that we are all together as we are so spread out across Los Angeles.

Teresa, Me, Shelley, Tiffany, Cecilia and John

At the end of the day, Team Shubin cashed in on our winnings from an earlier sales contest. TeleNav sponsored a Happy Hour event for us at Macaroni Grill.

Me, Shelley, Cecilia and John

Even though we still had a few days of work before the end of year, it felt like vacation time was beginning. The team had a secret Santa gift exchange.

Tiffany, Teresa, Me, Shelley, and Cecilia

Not all the ladies are represented in this image. Val had already left, Patricia was unable to attend and Susan was busy talking with some one else. Both Marcus and Nick were also absent.

Julian, Diego, and John

Julian joined us since he is always willing to help consume adult bevs. Diego, our host, used to be a Team Shubin team member prior to taking the TeleNav Rep. role so it is always good to have him around. Of course, everyone recognizes John the fearless leader of the team.

Utena and Chelle

Utena our RIM rep shared the evening with us and the lovely Chelle graced us with her presence.

Susan, Teresa, Tiffany, Cecilia, Me, John, Shelley and Martin (Team Shubin)

Here the team claims their rank in the LA area. Notice I have a difference of opinion.


Nick was Marcus's secret santa, but since neither was in attendance Val decided we needed to open his gift. Always the jokester, Nick gift wrapped a lovely self portrait of himself for Marcus.

Nick and the Girls

Here the girls pose with the picture of Nick. We had a fun time and are happy to celebrate the teams' success, the end of the year and of course Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Naples Christmas Boat Parade

Saturday night we met up with some friends and went to our old neighborhood to see the Christmas boat parade. I couldn't figure out the new camera well enough to take night time photos, but I do have two videos. You can kind of sense the mood and the excitement of the event. The island totally comes alive during the month of December. The home owners decorate their homes so amazingly. It is really fun.

Happy Holiday Hour

Wednesday after work Chelle and I welcomed my coworkers into our home to celebrate Christmas.

Val, Nick, Erin, Tiffany and Cecilia

Chelle had decorated the house so nicely and the place smelled delicious. We had an assortment of appettizers, sweets and festive beverages. Chelle even made her famous hot spiced apple cider.

Julian talking to Crockett and Clementine.

The puppies were so good. Of course they had their usual competition to be the loudest dog in the house as the guest arrived, but once everyone was in they relaxed and even made some friends.

Ed, Glen, Susan and Joe

At work on Wednesday Glen and Joe visited from HTC to discuss the Tilt and its benefits to our business clients. Since they were in town, we had them come over and get to know the team a little better.

Julian and Nick

We had so much fun We are real happy to have such great coworkers.

Cecilia and Shelly

The last two weeks a cold/flu has been making the rounds. Cecilia was feeling the effects of it, but was a trooper and still came to visit.

Me, Octavio and Cesar

Chelle and I got rid of the pool in the back yard and replaced it with a portable fire pit. We all enjoyed the hot apple cider and sitting out by the fire. It's true there is no snow on the ground here, but it is cold (by California standards) and the brisk air makes the Christmas season feel right.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Santa in the Recording Studio

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Renee and Ugo's Christmas Party

Saturday December 1st we convened at Renee and Ugo's home in Redondo Beach for our annual white elephant gift exchange. This year there were more people than the house could hold. The tree sat outside on the porch. It was awesome.

Chelle and me waiting for our turn to pick a gift from under the tree.

Chelle and Crystal

Ugo taking a picture of me taking picture of him taking a picture of me....

Christian, Lisa, and Sean. The scary thing is that Lisa is actually 5'10".

Chelle with our old neighbors and great friends Josh, Judy and Jaqueline (better known as J3)

The hostess of the party surrounded by her entourage.

Chelle and I with our driver.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Tree for the LA Crowes

Saturday Chelle and I went up in the mountains to find the perfect Christmas tree. We had to hike about a mile in the thick brush until we found the perfect tree. Next, we had to saw it down and all we had was a dull pocket knife. Chelle then carried the tree the mile back to the car as I was busy trying to get cellphone reception as I hadn't checked my email in over 45 minutes. We got back to the car, tied the tree to the top of the vehicle and drove back down the mountain to set it up and decorate it.

Just kidding, I never go 45 minutes without checking my email.

Ok, Ok none of that was true. We drove a mile down the street to the local Home Depot and paid $53 dollars for a tree that was already cut. But we did tie it to the roof and drive all the way back to the house with the tree precariously balanced on the top of the car.

Here is the tree before we put a bunch of shiny stuff on it.

This is what the tree looks like with all the pretty stuff attached.

After the tree decorating ceremony our friends Trent and Mike came down from the Valley to visit.

Us three dudes went for a curry at Ambala Dhaba in little India.

We then headed to Target to buy an outdoor fire pit to keep us warm as we all sat in the back yard the rest of the evening talking and enjoying some wine.

Chelle looks like she enjoyed the Turkey a bit too much during Thanksgiving.
...hey, where's Clementine?

OH! There she is!!!

I'm very proud of the size of my Dachshund.
(He was supposed to be a miniature but now weighs in at a whopping 22 pounds.)

The next morning Chelle made a fantastic breakfast for all of us. It was another fun weekend at the house. We certainly enjoying spending time with our friends.