Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Daughter
From Cherish 8 month Ultrasound images
I know you're not supposed to peak at your Christmas presents before they're unwrapped, but we are too excited to wait. 

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sunday November 2nd 
 Spent a beautiful Saturday with Chris, Mary and Jax roaming the Camelback Corridor.  We popped into a lovely little gallery and art show called Shemer- featuring local artists, food, music, and art.
Mary, Mary quite talented photographer /cousin by marriage. 
Entrance to Soleri - an experiment in eco-culture by the renouned Paolo Soleri, whom still resides here with his wife and many others still living the dream that people and earth can live in harmony.
  Uhhhmmm- horizontal stripes are a bad idea even when you aren't pregnant Chelle-belly!!
The above photos are from a very special place hidden away in Scottsdale called, Arcosanti. Paolo Soleri
came to AZ to work under Frank Lloyd Wright and began his own studies merging architecture and ecology back in the 60's.  This community is built completely by the hands of volunteers and tree huggers from all over the world. The pouring of the copper and bronze bells is what funds the entire project.  (The bells run from $100 to upwards of $10,000 and beyond!)  
Some handpainted tiles. (Soleri has branched out a touch from bells to include tiles and olive oil for sale.  however, it is the bell sales that fully fund the projects.)
Bells are poured daily from 8am-noon, mon-fri.  It is a very interesting process.  Here are some of the molds used.  All the equipment seems very old fashioned, molds, kilns, tools etc.  We really enjoyed the tour- it was like a step back into the hippy days where love and peace tolled on the hearts of many, and the smell of patchouli reeked loudly to cover the burning pipes of hemp :-) To read more about this mystical little commune and the eco-culture ArcoSanti that is still in construction some 35 years later approx. 50 miles from here, go to:  
- Bella

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween 08 in Phoenix
Chelle and I dressed as a Rock-n-Roll Roadie and one of his prego ex-girlfriends.
People have been asking for pregnant pictures of Chelle so we figured this would suffice. We'll show these to Cherish one day and tell her this was what we looked like in 2008.. I'm sure she'll be proud to come from such high class heritage.
We stayed with Chris, Mary and Jackson. Chelle and I actually got dressed and into Character before we left Havasu. We drove to Phoenix like this. It was fun stopping to gas up and having people trying to figure if we were dressed up for Halloween or not.
Chris had told Chelle and I that there were several Halloween parties in the neighborhood so come down and we'll have a good time. He failed to mention that the party (singular) was actually a kids halloween party and most of the adults were not in costume. It was a little embarrassing showing up to a kids party in an affluent neighborhood when we were dressed like WT and Chelle's pregnant belly hanging out.
We had even invited Eric to come over to the party with us. Good thing we found out what kind of party it really was before we painted up his face. After the embarrassment, we headed back to the Coster's house to play a few games of pool, and then sit by the swimming pool and fountain to talk politics, the economy and figure out how to make money in the state of the world.