Sunday, April 15, 2007


Thursday morning, when Chelle and I went to the OB/GYN to learn the gender of our baby, we had the doctor write down the news and put it in an envelope for us to look at later in a more romantic setting. Since the visit had turned negative, we opted to wait until we had a more positive outlook. After Friday's less than reassuring appointment, we continued to wait to view the contents of the envelope. Saturday as Chelle and I mourned the news that the doctors had given us, we felt a little better that we didn't know what we were having and somehow that helped us to be less connected to the whole thing. Its very hard to explain the feelings that have been going through our brains, but not knowing "who" our baby was made the possible 'worst case scenerio' somewhat easier to deal with.
This morning Chelle and I continued our new church search. We visited a cute little church down the street called The Lighthouse Chuch of Long Beach. The message could not have been more perfect. It was on Faith. The pastor quoted several verses dealing with God's desire for us to have faith in Him. Both Chelle and I are believers and think we are faithful, however I realized our choice to avoid looking in the envelope was proof of my lack of faith.
I am aware that many of our friends and family that are reading this blog believe as we do, but I also know there are others that don't share our same convictions. Well, Chelle and I are taking this opportunity to publicly declare that we BELIEVE that our God is going to miracuously heal and deliver our baby. We desire that through this difficulty that God be glorified and we pray that if you don't believe in Him, that through this display of His power you soon will!
And with that, I'd like to introduce our Son.

The Joy that Chelle and I feel with the news that the 'baby bird' is in reality our son is now fuel to the fire of our Faith. Please continue to agree in prayer with us and look forward to the arrival of our miracle child.


Anonymous said...

With tears rolling down my face I am so happy for you and am so very touched by your blog and decision based on "faith." My heart continues to be touched by you two. Yours is a realtionship I aspire to have some day. I too believe you are going to welcome a beautiful baby boy into this world. God Bless you both, Tam.

Anonymous said...

Mother Teresa:
Hi Christian, Patricks mom here! After reading about Sadie and all her Possible problems and seeing her now (healthy and Beeyootiful) I can tell you that God can and does heal little angels. I will add you to the prayer list down this way and my sisters church will too. Your son is going to be good, his sonogram is a cutie! Your wife is gorgeous, you dog you!
I think of you often and hope that all is well! Will check on your blog often.
teresa byrd

Anonymous said...

I am joining you in faith and prayer that God will heal your little one. It will happen! I have seen it happen-- my aunt who was 40 when she married, had her first child when she was 41. Half way through her pregnancy, she was told that her baby had downe syndrome. She went on to deliver a perfect, healthy baby boy who is now 16. This life is a gift and we are all living out HIS will. I love you both. Nicole Bailey

Anonymous said...

Hi Baby Bird Crowe,
My name is Christopher and my Mom (Lane) and your Dad used to work together. She said you were sick and so we all prayed for you to get better quick. I'm almost 2 years old now, but I had an operation, too! Now I'm super strong and love to play. You picked great parents, they love you alot...and you look very handsome in your picture.

Get better soon!
Love, Christopher (Wong) Souza

Anonymous said...

Dear Baby Bird,
I can't wait to meet you!!!! I love you already and have for a long time. You are already such a blessing. I am praying for your cute mommy and handsome daddy and for you, of course. You are already such an important part of our family. Your cousins, India and Ahnalin pray for you several times a day. Ahnalin is only 2 years old, but she tells me every few minutes that we need to pray for you. She will be a very good friend to you! She already practices how she will rock you! Heehee!!!

We are praying that God will perform a huge miracle on your little body. We believe in miracles and we believe that God has BIG plans for you.

Much love,
Auntie Sivje

Anonymous said...

Chelle & Christian:
I was so sad to receive the email from Charlotte with this news. I am praying for you and the baby. I am going to forward to my mom to have you added to her daily Rosary prayers as well.

Please know you all are in my heart and my thoughts.

All my love,

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!

You guys are already good parents- I hope to see you again soon and meet the kid-o.

Call with ANYTHING you need.


SSchermer said...

Your son is beautiful - you can already see the beautiful thick hair and cute little ears. I'm praying so hard that you'll get some more encouraging news this week. Take some very deep breaths, journal, go for walks, hold hands, cry, laugh and make plans for the future - it's going to be an amazing journey for all of you. Tenny, Chris and I very much looking forward to the announcement of your son's birth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, I just wanted you to know that I set Baby Bird's ultrasound as my desktop wallpaper so that I remember to pray for him even more.

Also, when I was tucking Ahnalin into bed for her nap, she prayed again for him. She prayed, "Dear Jesus. Please make my baby cousin better so I can play wisim (with him). I will share my toys and not push him! Fix his broken heart. Amen." I cracked up and teared up at the same time! It was so cute!!