Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back to the Doctors Tomorrow

Thursday morning we meet with Dr. Tejani our OBGyn to hopefully get the results from the FISH test that was done from the Amnio taken on Monday. (There is also another test being performed but the results won't be available until next week.) We are hoping for better news, but in spite of the news we are still trusting God for a miracle.
In the afternoon, we meet with Dr. Loo, the baby cardiologist. He will look at our baby's heart to determine what options the medical sciences provide pending the results of the Amnio. Our dear friend Dr. Elaine Shoji has been extremely helpful communicating with specialists like Dr. Loo and the Perinatologists on our behalf. We are incredibly grateful for all of her help. She is our good friend Josh Conway's step mom (who incidentally just became a grandma to baby Jacqueline. See cute pics of her on their blog listed in the links to the right.)

Chelle and I can't tell you enough how much it has meant to us receiving the comments, calls, emails and most importantly the prayers! It really does make it easier when you know others care and are asking God to intervene. We pray for blessings for you and look forward to celebrating the birth of our son with you all very soon!


Barb said...

We are believing with you our wonderful children for a miracle. Tons of love and prayers from us, baby birds grandparents.

Tam. said...

Hi guys, thinking about you today and sending you strength. Love you Tam.