Sunday, March 26, 2006

New Website

The day has finally come, I've purchased my own domain and I've just started creating my own website! Who knows what I'll eventually use it for, but for now it's just a new way to get to the blog. I'll also keep links to the stuff that interest me on the web as well as links to our photopages and stuff.

Let me know what you think of it, or what you would like to see on it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Amy and Scott's LA Visit

Welcome to the land of LA sweet "Meems and Scotty" - hope you know how wonderful you are!

Chelle's little cousin Amy and her boyfriend, Scott spent the week with us celebrating life, laughter, and Amy's 23 birthday! Here's to you - Amy Lynn, make a wish and blow out your candle.
Although the weather was not at its usual - we did manage to take the kids out to play in Hollywood one night. We intended on surprising them with the pre-reserved Jimmy Kimmel tickets - however, prompt as we were, we didn't get in. Thank goodness Amy is blood related and SO good natured. (Her mellowness has rubbed off on Scott too :) They were good sports
Here is the happy couple dining with me on the Santa Monica Pier. I promised Amy some good mexican food - and I delivered (this was the last day of their stay).

Greg Shockro's Birthday

Saturday the 18th Chelle and I went down to celebrate Greg's birthday. He is joining me in the world of the 36 year olds. First we met some great new friends at Chive for dinner in the Gas Light section. It was great!
Heres Megan and I looking chipper before we stuff ourselves on dinner.

From left to right around the table is Tracy, Chelle, Megan, Chad, Greg, Me, and Chris.

After dinner we went about 6 blocks away to the House of Blues and saw Toots Mayhall perform. It was a great show, but they made us check our camera so unfortunately no photos of the show. Afterwards we cab'd it back to Del Mar, but not before we rehydrated with several bottles of water.

The birthday couple. We'll let Megan feel special although it really is only Greg's birthday. Lucky for her he is so generous. Chelle and I love Greg and Megan. They are the coolest! (at least that what they told us to say)

I thought this might be the first March Madness basketball game that the girls would want to watch. Look its the Brad Pitt game. Brads beating his last name by 7 points in this shot.

All in all a great time with our friends.
Judy's Bridal ShowerLori and Judy

On Sunday the 12 of March, Chelle and (Judy's best friend) Lori threw a bridal shower for Judy. I had to vacate the premises, but looking at the photos it's evident they had a good time. I wasn't broken hearted that I had to leave. My buddy Nathan and I went Powerbook shopping. He is the proud new owner of a 14" iBook.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday at the Sportsmans Grill
Chelle and Eric could be twins ---- NOT! I was absolutely thrilled when my Spud donned in black sported his presence at the "grille". This is the first place I brought my brother the first time he ever came to visit we are again. It is so nice to have a big "lttle" brother who loves me and shares my joy in re-uniting with my best friends. We have such a great relationship that I wouldn't trade for the world!

Christian and Jono playing the gadgets - what else is new??! The boys were patient as we gals hung out upstairs and oohhed and awed while I did some jewlery business with KC. The guys never cease to amaze me at their tireless attention to geeky toys. Cheers boys!

Hoes re-united and it feels So good....... Belly up! Jamye, Bella, and Momma Don, cheesey as always and just happy to share our time.
Oh my wordy, Jamye's 30!!!!! Everyone including the people on the television put down their beers to watch Jamye opening presents at their apt. before we headed out for the Birthday adventure. Unbeknownst to Jamye, we would pile into the car and head to Sprint to purchase her new Bling. (jono got her a cell phone - and it ROCKS!) From there we rolled over to another favorite watering hole - Brewhouse West where we had a pitcher and began preparing our tummies for the upcoming surprize dinner. One more stop at Dan McGuinness pub for an ale and last minute taunting of Jamye bfore we arrived at Germantown Cafe. Here we dined at a cozy front table with city views of our previous Nashville home. The food was fantastic! The wine was complimentary, and the company made us feel like we had never been apart. I left with a happy stomache and very full heart.

Finally - SURPRIZE!!!!! 25 or so smiling faces greeted the Birthday bunch as we stepped into the Blue Room at the GoldRush. What a wonderful site to behold: Tears streaming down one face, balloons and decorations everywhere, and hugs abounding throughout the entire bar!!!
Very wonderful evening pursued........needless to say I feel like crying with joy again now.

Look Baby Joey, auntie Bella has monkey toes.
Sunday arrives and the Disabantonio's present us with a gorgeous baby boy. Joey is a bundle too precious for words.......and then some.

It sure was a great birthday for Jamye to have the troublesome threesome back together again. Too bad I spent the whole day crying. Guess Joey wasn't the only baby there. HA!
Very proud Uncle. This really wasn't the best birthcontrol for me. Seeing Christian snuggling with that beautiful baby and smiling so sweetly - I think I felt a tingle. Oh, thank goodness, it's gone now. teehee.
Famous food for us country biscuits and hams at the cafe we love to love......
Who would have ever thunk it??
The crew had a birthday brunch indeed. Things greatly changed for us all in the past year - Jamye had FINALLY joined the 30 somethings, Tracy and Jody have a new addition, have moved from FL back to TN and we are talking again, and Mark has a lovely girlfriend. Yes, A GIRLFRIEND, Cindy. I think that we really like her. Wonder how she feels about us. When we're all together, especially for an abreviated time only, things can get a little overwhelming. (Hence, the cyring short-girl all through the meal) HA! Oh well, I do what I want!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we couldn't have had a better time with "y'all". No matter what challenges, ages, distance, or drama comes up in this life - we can make it as long as we stick together. We miss you. We love you!
Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Jamye. Thanks for being the glue!

-C Crowe out!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's Thursday night and the Gang's all here!!!!We were greeted at BNA by a wonderful blonde Barbie I lovingly call my "Cliffy" Ford. So good to be back, kickin' it in the ghetto with Donna, Steve, Jamessa, Jono, and John and KC. There truly is nothing better in this world than to be surrounded by friends that love you!

We spent the first night at the home of Steve and Donna Ford and enjoyed each others company while dining on Steve's fantastic steaks and grilled veggies - he is SUCH a great chef! The evening progressed to an old hang in East Nashville, the Alley Cat where we imbibed some local brew and continued to laugh. I am SO impressed that the Nickolai's made it out WAY past their bed time. Also, thanks so much again for graciously picking up the tab, John N - you are far too kind. If only Donna and I would have had that much sense. We never intend on blowing it out the first night - we just always do. HA! Oh - well, I have been told more than once, you can sleep when you're dead. So made it a long haul and I would do it all over again if given the chance! We love you all and are so happy to be with you!
Here are 3 little angels! Savannah Grace (5 yrs), Zoe Catherine (2 yrs) and my baby, Christian (a bit older than them) :)
These girls have grown so much. It brings tears to my eyes to see little Zoe running about and chatting away, entertaining us with her antics whilst her big sis, "nanna" plays like a grown-up and helps to show Zoozoo the ropes. These 2 are Chrishy's babes - they absolutely love him (of course, I can see why!) We both enjoy sharing them as if they are partly ours......and if we could breed a few like them we will be very blessed indeed!
How cute are they!!!!! Meet the Nickolai's - John and KC. Never has there been two sweeter, kinder, more generous people than them! We have been honored to camp out at their estate, play with thier 3 furry kids - Lucky, Alpine, and Ginger beast on many occasions, and partake in several margharitas on the deck made in heaven! Thanks John and KC for being SO wonderful.

Tada!!!!! Presenting Miss Jamye Lynn and Mr. Jono Oneal. This is the reason for our celebration! Jamye is too hot to be "30"!!! Christian and I have enjoyed so many wonderful memories with them and always look forward to creating more! I don't think that anyone can get too old for cards, MLite, Hat parties, sleep-overs, and spanking each other for no reason at all. God Bless the Oneals - I cannot imagine life without them! Happy Birthday Jamessa - you beautiful thing. SSSMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!

The Doughnut

Krispy Kreme isn't this cool

This is the famous Donut sign just down the 405 from our place.