Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Camping at Big Bear

This last weekend we went up to Big Bear and camped at Hanna Flats with 13 friends. It was a ton of fun inspite of the thunder storms.
On Saturday (as is the case everytime we rent a boat) it stormed like crazy. We drove around the lake trying to avoid the showers. It was a futile attempt. We got rained on so instead of sitting in the boat getting wet, we jumped into the lake and swam.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rockin While Reading

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As you can see I've added a new radio station feature to the blogs.  I've hand picked some cool tunes for you to Rock Out to while reading.



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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another adorable puppy video

Parking in California

I understand parking a big SUV in California is sometime difficult but this is crazy!
Actually, this was the reason for a very big slow down on the 405 on the way to Dana Point for the Sprint SoCal Solutions Consultants Team gathering.

After the SC picnic, Chelle and I continued south to Del Mar for a sleep over at Greg and Megan Shockros. Greg was out of town so Chelle and I went to keep Megan company.
Chelle got a belated birthday gift, but it was well worth the wait.....Megan knows her taste to a tee and selected a gold "weekender" original by Andy Warhol. It is Glorious!!!!

You can tell how pleased Chelle is by the ear to ear grin :) Thanks tons, Moo Moo!!!!
Is there anything in the world cuter than this puppy love? I think not!!!

It is a tradition for Megan and Christian to go head to head in war ---- that is the card game, of course, when we are together. (Usually Christian conquers), but this time tables turned in Megs favor!!!! Can you tell :)

Baby Shower for Judy

On Sunday July 9th, we attended a baby shower for Josh and Judy. It was a lot of fun! Nick did a great job on the grill as always. Judy opened gifts and we all got caught up. It was a beautiful day.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

First Vet Visit

We were so proud of our babies!(yes, still proud....)

They handled their first vet visit like champs. Our little boy weighs a stalwart 8.2 lbs and his waify counterpart scales in at a mere 3.75 lbs. All 12 pounds of love.....
Their lovely Dr. Assistant Erica held them gently and treated them with extreme care. We felt as though we were in great hands with both her and Dr. Moore. Each of them had to get shots and Clementine had hear ears cleaned out. The funny part is, that small little Clementine handled the shots so much better than stocky tuff Crockett. It amazes us how much Crockett and Clementine resemble Chelle and me at times. She is half his size, but much tougher than him. Just like my little Napolean wifey.....Hahaha!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independance Day From the LBC!!!!

What a day! It was Crockett and Clementines Independance day as well as America's. They made their first walk down 2nd Street with all the grown up puppies and humans. Chelle and I took them with us as we ate lunch at an outdoor cafe. They were so good! They didn't bark at any of the other dogs and walked so well down the sidewalk with us.
People stopped us several times to pet and admire them. We are very proud of our babies.
Later that night, after putting them down to bed, Chelle and I took the bus downtown to the waterfront to see the fireworks. It was very cool to see such a sense of community out for the fireworks. It seemed like the whole city was at the fireworks presentation.
When the fireworks ended there was a mass exodus. So many people headed back up to Ocean Blvd. and it seemed like everyone was going to wait for the bus that we wanted. Rather than sit and wait for the bus (that we knew would be uncomfortably full) we started walking in the direction of our home. An hour later we ended up at our condo. During the whole walk home only one bus passed us and it was incredibly full. If we hadn't decided to walk we may still be sitting at that bus stop.
All in all it was a lovely Fourth of July, however it pales in comparisone to last year when we were with both our sets of parents and several loved ones at Cass Lake Cabin. We hope next year we can recreate what we had last year.