Friday, July 20, 2007

A Visit from the Costers

Saturday the 14th, we had the pleasure of a visit from my cousin Chris, his wife Mary and their son Jackson. It was so terrific to see each other especially because it had been a very long time since we had hung out and Chelle had never had the pleasure of meeting Mary.
They arrived Saturday evening and we spent the night on the patio catching up.

Sunday morning we ate lunch at Dukes in Huntington Beach. The weather was a bit overcast, but pleasant and not too terribly hot. The Costers can handle hot though, they live in Phoenix.

We hung out on the beach while Jackson played in the surf. He looks like a pro surfer in the making.
Huntington Beach was preparing for the US Open Surf Competition that starts on Friday the 20th of July (today). It was a good thing we got there when we did. I am pretty sure that this weekend that beach will be super crowded and there wont be a place to sit.

Jackson only had two skate boards with him in the car, so of course he needed a new one. Chris is a great dad and spent a lot of time with Jackson helping him to pick out the perfect one.

Another nice surprise was that there was a stage set up and a band was playing cover songs. They actually sounded pretty good. It created a very cool atmosphere.

It wouldn't be a LAcrowe blog if we didn't have a picture of Chelle and I in some sort of embrace. I'm not sure if our readers know this, but we kinda like each other.

Back at the house, Jackson and I swam laps in our olympic sized swimming pool. Ok, it's not quite olympic size, but it works great to cool off and it's fits two floaties to rest on when you need a tan.

Bonus photo: believe me, I'm not a hater but seriously what has happened to our sense of fashion. We all sat in amazement as this guy walked down the beach with his shorts almost to his ankles and we were strangely glad that his t-shirt was made for a giant.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Fourth Day of July in 2007

Tuesday afternoon, Chelle and I drove over to the Fullerton Amtrack station and boarded the north bound train. It was so much fun to see the sights and not have to be responsible to navigate the route and deal with traffic. I really wish I had thought of this when I was driving to Santa Maria twice a month back in '05. We even scored a table so I was able to set up my portable office and continue working.

Chelle on the train to Santa Barbara

Christian on the train

Downtown LA and the Pacific Ocean as seen from the train

Chelle pretending to be a flight attendant

We ended our north bound excursion in Santa Barbara, where we were picked up by the young Shockro. We also collected Greg's friend and co-worker Vincent and his girlfriend Oeffa (they are a sweet couple from Ireland). We headed over to Brophy Brothers in the Harbor and met up with Megan, Greg's father Mike and his wife Deb. We had a few drinks and got caught up and then went to the hotel to check in and get cleaned up.
At 8:00 we all went to dinner at the Sage and Onion where we met up with Wendy. We nearly had the place to ourselves. It was amazing. Chelle and I ate here with the Greg, Megan, Jennifer and Mike when we went sailing in Memorial Day 2005. The food was as great as ever and everyone really had a fantastic time.

The whole group at the Sage and Onion

Greg and his sister Jennifer - Liz and Jeff

The next morning we met back up at Brophy Bro's for brunch. We were then joined by Jeff Hoskins and his girlfriend Liz. After eating we loaded onto Mike's sailboat. The Harbor was alive with activity. There were people everywhere filling their boarts full of food and beer.
We went out on our first sail and unlike the last time I was on this boat, I didn't get seasick. Yeah! Unfortunately though, Deb, Jen, Oeffa and Vinney all did. I didn't get any pictures during the sail and since so many were fealing ill, we were not out to sea very long. However, back on dry land the festivities continued until the last firework exploded.

Vincent, Greg and Christian

Chelle and Liz - Vincent, Oeffa, Jennifer and Greg

Jennifer and Chelle - Deb, Chelle, Megan and Wendy

M'Belle - My Bella with Megan

Chelle down under

Mike and Deb

Happy Couple

My digital camera started misbehaving so I didn't get any pictures of the fireworks. They were awesome and seeing them from the deck of a sailboat added to the experience. After the fireworks ended, Greg, Megan, Jen, Chelle and I walked the two blocks to our hotel and got in a quick sleep before going back to the Amtrack station in the morning to head home.

Impromptu Sunday Evening in Laguna Beach

Last Sunday Chelle and I were lazying (that's right, it's a new word) around the house when we got a phone call from Mike and Angela. They were headed down to Laguna Beach to hang out and get dinner. We jumped in the car and headed down to meet them. We ate dinner at Las Brisas under the stars, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was so fun.

Wouldn't they make a good picture if they ever get married.

Chelle and I

Angela and Linney

We've been here for over two years and we still feel like we are on vacation.