Friday, April 27, 2007

10:05pm. 7cm

I slept for 60 minutes and awoke to learn that we are now dilated to 7cm.
The nurse is putting together the birthing table.

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Serena said...

Well we are off to bed. I hope you can all rest tonight.
Everyone is praying for the three of you. I talked to Paige about 20 mins ago and she sends her love.


sheina k said...

no clue if you remember me at all from via/nashville days, but came across this & wanted you to know i am praying for you & your family. i truly hope all goes well.


Auntie Sivje said...

I am glad Bella is making progress. I just keep praying. We will be up for a few more hours. Please call when something happens.

We love you all!!! Kisses and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Dear Christian & Chelle,
We heard of what you are going through. You are in our prayers.

God's Peace & Strength To You,
Ron & Cheryll Cochran

Auntie Sivje said...

Ok, I am going to bed I guess. Love to you all. I will keep the phone by the bed so I can answer it quickly if you call. I love you all.

Suzette said...

It's 2:45 a.m. in Minneapple. Can't sleep thinking about you and baby...Glad things are progressing - you must be exhausted! Hope he makes his grand entrance soon! Love,Suzette

tam said...

230 am in houston, can't sleep, hoping you are doing ok and looking forward to hearing good news. love you all, tam.