Sunday, October 04, 2009

Crawling forward and Standing on her own.


After months of scooting around the floor, (mostly backwards), Cherish is now mobile.  She has learned to crawl and is getting pretty good at it.


Cherish loves to jump in the jumparoo that her uncle Eric bought her.  So much in fact, that Thursday she decided to nap in it.


 Cherish takes after her mother and truly can sleep nearly ANYWHERE ;-)

Sunday afternoon Cherish's Nonna walked in to check on the sleeping angel and found this: A "big girl" standing for the first time on her very own...ready for attention and Nonna hugs and kisses.
  (She wasn't crying when Nonna first walked in, but once we all quickly gathered cameras and snapped, snapped, snapped the momentous occasion, Cherish wailed "PICK ME UP!" 2 more pics and we did heehee.