Saturday, August 12, 2006

YEAH!!! Thursday at noon I arrived in Stockholm! I contacted all the people I needed to and a driver was dispatched to retrieve me. I hoped it would be a short wait, but I was sorely mistaken. Four and a half hours later, Stefan loaded my gear into his car and we were off to the Hotel a short 3 hour drive away. On the way I had my first meal since the Panini at 6am. I had him take me to someplace to get Swedish Meatballs (surprisingly they just refer to them as meatballs here).
It was awesome to pull up to the hotels and see the relived faces of Ian, Brian and Costa. We had an hour at the Hotel to shower and relax. It doesn’t seem like a long time, but it was heaven for me. 8:30pm We loaded into a caravan and went to the Venue.

It is the third day of a four day festival. There are several tents but the main stage is in a big red barn. The backline gear was great! The drumset was perfect! I didn’t have to make any changes to way it was set up, I just sat down and started playing.
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