Sunday, August 20, 2006

Friday Night Flevo Festival, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

What a kick! We had a great time at Flevo Festival this year. No suprise, we always do. This was our fourth time, the first was a shocking nine years ago. (It may not shock you, but it does me).

My wonderful drum tech took a bunch of photos with my camera for your enjoyment. I'll post a few and then the rest are all available on

Before the show we did what we have done all days so far on this tour.... We waited. It can drive you a bit wacky as demonstrated by Costa biting through his wrist band.

This was by far our best show of the tour. We were extremely confident and energetic. The crowd did their job motivating us to play our hearts out. I wish you all could have been there. It was terrific.

After the show on the mainstage we waited until 2:00am and played a second show at the LaLuna stage. It is a much smaller space, but it was packed. We were much more relaxed as well as a lot more tired. It was a fun show though.

After completing our Flevo performances we loaded into the vans and headed back to Eindhoven. We spent an hour and half at the hotel. Ian and I slept while Costa and Brian powered through. At 5am the van was there to drive us the few hours to the Amsterdam airport. Once there, we were delighted that there were no lines in any way comparable to the lines we had gotten used to earlier in the week. Our flight was a short 50 minutes to Denmark, where we were picked up and driven another 45 minutes to the Glow Festival.

After (once again) waiting until 10:00 at night we played to a surprisenly large and energetic Dutch crowd. I think we have been there 2 0r 3 times, but never in this city, however several people were singing all the lyrics.

After the show we slept for a few hours, boarded our flight back to Amsterdam to connect to a flight back to Heathrow, jumped on a train to downtown London and then hailed a cab to our final destination until Friday.... this hotel. We are so excited to rest and relax for a few days.


Josh said...

any links to some of the recordings?

Christian Crowe said...

Not yet, I think some of the video should be up from the Flevo Festival at some point.
I found a dvd with our performance from 2003 while there, so they will prolly send us one from this show when they are done.

JamyeO said...

I still can't get over the size of that crowd!

Barb said...

Babe, we are sure proud of you. Thank you for letting us share in your adventures thru the blog. Love from M and D