Thursday, August 24, 2006

Days Off in London

So how have we been spending our time off? By doing lots of nuthin. It's funny, we have had several opportunities to hang out in London in the past, so for the last few days we have being laying low at the hotel and seeing movies. The rest has been good. We were really quite tired from all the traveling and the shows from last week. It's starts up again tomorrow morning when we fly to the Faroe Islands for a show tomorrow night and then Greenbelt Festival on Saturday. Sunday morning we all start heading home.

Get this.... the other day Ian and I did laundry and when we returned to our room we had a little guest.

Unfortunately, his day had come. By the time we met him, he was already in mouse heaven. The hotel claimed that they had never seen anything like that before. Whatever?! Anyway, this hotel has just re-opened three months ago after being totally renovated, so the poor guy had prolly just gotten out of some vent where he had been hiding for quite some time.

The hotel is actually really nice. However, wouldn't you know it, the airconditioning just happens to broken this week. The funny thing is that we kinda chose this hotel for the fact that they had air conditioning. At least it is in walking distance to several shops, restaurants, a theatre (british spelling of theater), and the Queensway tub stop.

Yesterday Tyson (a friend of Ian's from Nashville) joined us to hangout and see England for the next few days. It is his first time here so we took him to do a bit of sight seeing.

We saw Big Ben, the London Eye, and someplace named after George Clinton's band Parliament.

We had a good time, even though the weather was kinda rainy (these photos are actually color, its just that dreary here (just kidding!)).

I took this picture especailly for Luke, and Jamye & Jono. It's the Texas Embassy. You'll probably want to visit this place when ever you are over hear. I think they can help you with any passport issues.

That's it for now. Tune in soon for the exciting conclusion of the ASU European Tour 06!

BTW. Ian pointed out that I mentioned playing to a Dutch crowd in Denmark, but it was actually a Danish crowd. My apologizes to the Danes.

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