Monday, August 28, 2006

The Final Days of the Tour

Friday morning we woke up early and checked out of our hotel in London and took a cab to Stanstead airport. There we boarded a plane to the Faroe Islands. It was a longer flight then one would expect. We finally arrived at around 6pm ish. Once we arrived, we ended up having to walk to our hotel (the car that picked us up was only big enough to carry our luggage and equipment.)...Doesn't that just seem to figure - so this trip seems to go :)

It's a good thing that our hotel was only about 500 feet from the airport.
Once checked in we had dinner and a shower and then headed to the venue.

The ride to the venue was only about an hour away. The most interesting part of yet another car ride, was that we were able to excursion through two tunnels under the ocean to finally end at the Faroe Island that we were to play on.

The scene we finally beheld was extremely cool! We were set up at the base of a mountain with a water fall actually going under the stage. Really, something to be seen to believe!
It is circustances like this that make such horriffic travelling situations worth the while - well that and all the hot young blonde chicks!!! tee hee (chelle wrote this :)

I wish I had given my camera to someone to take proper pictures of us rockin. I did take some photos during soundcheck. It was a great show! We didn't actually go on stage until about 2:ooam. Did I mention that it was a great show??!!
The crowd knew our songs and sang alone with surprising enthusiasm. Did I also mention that we are tired, sick, and tired, and sick, and that it was really a great show??!!! It really, truly was a wonderful show!!!

After that performance, we were driven back to the hotel by the airport, where we quickly slept two hours. We woke and headed to the airport at 6:30am. We got back on our final jet of the tour headed back to Heathrow airport.

Once we were back in Jolly Ol' England, we got back in another van and were driven to the site of the Greenbelt Festival another 2 hours away.

At this point we were definitely exhausted. We got to the venue an hour before we played. Even though we were all very tired, the show went well! We had a great turnout and the crowd once again, encouraged us to give it our all...and we did!

We had decided to do this tour from the beginning to encourage future bookings in Europe or other intresting places of travel - thus far, we have been invited to Festivals in both Scotland and Germany. Hopefully, we are able to continue our success in enjoying oneanother's company at the very least once a year and I get to bang the drums and feed my musical soul as well as the mouth's of my wonderful family....what better life could there be than to know that you have friends, family, music and travel in your life at all times!

All in all it was a great tour! I know that all involved had a great time. We look forward to a good long rest, but it won't be long until we are anxious to get back on stage again.

I will try to update this site with new info regarding bookings and record sales. Please check back often to keep up to date with the ongoings of Christian and Chelle Crowe as well as All Star United.

God Bless,

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Barb said...

WOW great trip and exciting to see all the super photos. You are the greatest son!!!!! love from mommie