Saturday, August 12, 2006

The First Show

The guitar amps were good as well. We met the guys running sound and lights, we sound checked and then ran through the songs for the very first time. It sounded great! I was very impressed with how well everyone had done learning the songs and I really think we locked in to each other real well, especially considering it was the first time we had played together as a group ever and we were all very exhausted.

The show was good! Notice I said good but not great. The crowd loved it and the energy was fantastic. I think I started really running out of energy. Everyone else did great. It was a ton of fun to be rocking again. They were no major catastrophies just a few bumpy spots. The crowd chanted for an encore so we came back with Bright Red Carpet. Right after the guitar solo at the end, my brain got through to my body and told it that it was too tired to continue and I hit a brick wall. It was so strange, all of a sudden the sticks weighed 100 pounds each and it was literaly all I could do to stay on task and finish the song. I got light headed and had to drop my head down and focus to the finish. I felt like a marathon runner that could see the finish line but falls to the ground and crawls over the line. I'll tell you what, hitting that last cymbal at the end of the song was the best note of the night for me! The crowd loved it and it was all worth it. I always remember the maxim, "The Show Must Go On!". All in all, this has been a success.

We rested for about 5 minutes and then went to the autograph table to sign cds for the fans. I drank 3 bottles of water while we signed to reinvigorate myself.

After the table, Ian and I did an interview with some local journalist.

The saga continues tomorrow. After a well deserved nights sleep we head back to Stokholm to be by the airport and catch an early morning flight to Wales for the next show.
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LaCrowes said...

soooo - such a shame that the journalists in Sweden had to be terriby unattractive. :)
Let's hope they were at least sympathetic for what you had just gone through - and poor Ian too.

Glad you are in good hands baby!

Christian Crowe said...

I wish you could have heard the ridiculous comments that Ian and I had for these girls. We were so exhausted. Poor ladies had nothing to use for their article. Pure Nonsense.