Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thursday Night August 9th 1:50am (truly its Friday morning August 10th)

So, I’m writing this entry at 1:50 am Friday morning laying on a HM Customs countertop right next to SAS Check-in desk. My goal is to sleep a little bit and then be the first in line to check in for the standby list to Stockholm. If I can get on either one of the first two flights there, I’ll make the show, If not I’ll be staying Hans Solo in London until the rest of the guys arrive Monday.
Well the first part of my little plan is not working too well. I’ve been laying on this hard countertop for three hours and not sleeping.
This adventure began Wednesday August 8th at 6pm when I left Los Angeles. The plane arrived Heathrow a half hour early but we sat on the tarmac for an hour and a half since the entire airport had been shut down. When we finally got inside the airport I realized it was better sitting in the plane because at least there we had a seat. The airport was packed full of frusterated travelers.After collecting my bags and going through customs I headed to the SAS Counter to see what was next. My connecting flight was for 1:50 but it didn’t look like I was going to make it. After getting there I spoke to gate agent who informed me that all planes were grounded until 4:00. They didn’t have any info yet and would know more at that time.

So, as not to give up my place in line, I stood there with all of my bags for 2 ½ hours. A little after 4:00 they put a sign stating “We regret to inform you that all flights have been cancelled for the remainder of the day”.
I headed upstairs and started making calls. Long story short, it looked like there were no open flights to Stockholm until Sunday. My only hope is to get on a flight in Standby mode if someone doesn’t claim their seat. So that is why I am laying here on this countertop. I only slept for about 3 hours on the plane so I am exhausted but I can’t sleep. I guess I’ll continue laying here until I do.

Friday August 10th.

I slept for about 45 minutes on the countertop and decided to get in line at 3:00am since a line was already forming at the ticket counter. I made some friends with the Swedes in line. It was fun to hear everyone’s stories. Once we all got on the standby list we had a little picnic on the floor with our Starbucks and Panini’s.

After our breakfast we all waited by the gate hoping our names would be called. The order in which names were called was somewhat random. My picnic friends were two mothers, one with her 13yr.old daughter, and one with her 9yrs and 15rs old sons. The gate agent called the several names for standby seats and the last person she called was the 13 year old girl. After much arguing with the gate agent the mother of the girl said to give the seat to someone else if they couldn’t fly together. The agent went back to her computer and then my name was called!!! My new friends all applauded when I got a seat and as I was headed to luggage check-in they cheered and wished me luck with my concert. I very quickly got onto the plane and then we sat on the tarmac until we cleared for the flight. We left England at 9:50am.
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