Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday July 27th

Chelle and I drove back down to Ashland to continue the family reunion that was already in progress.

First thing we did after arriving was pack the whole family up for photos in the park.

Fortunately for us, cousin Chris's wife Mary is an excellent photographer so she snapped a million shots. I don't have those yet, but will post them when I get 'em.

While she snapped away I took these amazing behind the scenes shots. Here you see her photographing Don, Ahnalin, Sivje and India.

Are they not the most adorable four people you have ever seen? Here are cousins Jackson, Cole, and Kai with their aunt Chelle.

My uncle Jay and Aunt Linda helped host the whole gathering at their place and were very gracious.

Another behind the scenes shot. This time it's Garin, Cole, Kai, Gemma, and Sandra.

Jackson with his dad Chris and my mommy.

Trevor and newest baby addition to the big family, Carson.

All the men.

All the women.

The whole Crowe family.

A bunch of sillyness

When we arrived back at the house the group had prepared a surprise baby shower for Chelle and I. It was quiet a surprise and we loved it.

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