Sunday, August 03, 2008

Monday July 26th

Monday started with a big breakfast at the Apple Cellar.

Followed by shopping in downtown Ashland. Ashland is not very big so this didn't take long, but it was still fun to see how the city has changed since I was a kid, but has also stayed very much a small town.

Ashland is home to a very successful Shakespearean festival. We were lucky that when we got up the hill to walk the grounds the stage door was open We got to peak in and see the auditorium without having to sit through a play. (sorry Shakespeare is not my thing.)

Monday at 2:00 is Random Sound's rehearsal time so we got to sit in and listen. I was blown away at how talented my nephew Cole is. He is 12 years old and plays drums in the band.

They have only been together for a short time in this line up, but have already done paying gigs.

While they practiced upstairs, Garin, India and I played RockBand.

India and Garin were good, but I should probably stay behind the drum kit while performing music of any type.

At this point I had already lost so might as well mug for the camera.

After giving the young ones a chance to warm up, we went back upstairs to be treated to a few songs.

Then it was their turn at RockBand.

That evening we packed another picnic for the park, but this time it was a for a ballet.

Kai and Jackson saw a deer and walked right up to it.

What's worse than one cousin stuck in a tree... two cousins stuck in a tree. Ok, they weren't stuck.

When we were young we used to love to play in this creek. Chelle had to check it out and she agreed it was a blast!

Tuesday morning, Chelle and I loaded back into the car with mom and dad and drove back to their place in Sparks Nevada. But before going to the airport to fly home to California we went by their place to check out the deck my dad built for the back of their home.

It is AWESOME! My dad did a great job. I want him to come to our place and put his skills to work for our home. Their house looks so nice.

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