Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cherish's Chest

Chelle must have known we were having a girl since she picked this out the day before the Ultrasound. The outfits that Aunt Sivje make for her will look great in these drawers! ;-)


Barb said...

Adorable, driving home today from Sivjes we listened to the Christian song by Bob Carlisle named Butterfly Kisses! I love butterflies and it a a darling little girls first chest of drawers. Enough of grammie going on and on. But to be honest-I have only just begun!!!!!

Tammi said...

While studying in Mexico in 99 I entered a small botique and purchased a butterfly patch for my book bag. The woman who sold it to me and I had a neat conversation about butterflies. I learned butterfly's represent your soul...Mariposas para chulita Cherish. (butterflies for "the cutie" Cherish) How apropos!
God Bless, Tia Chela.