Sunday, August 03, 2008

Friday the 25th

Friday morning we drove 3 hours north to my home town Eugene, Or.

Eric, John Paul, Rod, Todd and Myself

It was a true reunion weekend, not only was it time for the Coster family to get together it was also time to celebrate 20 years since I graduated from Winston Churchill High School.

Eric and Todd at the Cooler.

Julie and JP

The reunion was both Friday and Saturday nights, but I only took a few photos on this first night. We met in the courtyard of the newly renovated Oakway Mall for cocktails, a buffet and reminiscing. It was such a weird experience. I was unable to attend our ten year and since we no longer live in Oregon I rarely see any of my old school friends. I really enjoyed getting back together with them.

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Anonymous said...

Happy to see you got to hang out with everyone. Its very cool.
Super sorry you were so close and I didn't even know. I know we would have loved seeing you and meeting your lovely wife.
Stuff happens. I even had a few days off that weekend.

Maybe next time.

Take care.
Serena & Gang