Sunday, August 03, 2008

Saturday the 26th

While in Eugene, Bella and I slept over at my cousin Jarl's house. He and his wife Janine are awesome host.

Jarl, Svein, and me

Saturday morning Jarl's twin brother Svein and his wife Tricia came over for a Norwegian breakfast on the back patio.

Jarl and Janine, Chelle and I, Tricia and Svein

The breakfast was fantastic! Jarl made a Norwegian pancake that has been a family recipe passed down through the generations. Since we are family, I made sure that Chelle got a copy so she can share with you next time you visit at our place.

After eating we headed to downtown Eugene to see HippyFest err I mean the Saturday Market.

It really hasn't changed much from when I disliked it as a kid.

Chelle found the one thing that wasn't made out of hemp or tie died.

Across the street is the farmer's market and this stuff is actually really good.

There were drum circles and political banners. The one thing Chelle and I don't understand about hippies are how can they be so concerned about the environment but still smell so bad.

For lunch we went to McMinimuns at the North Bank. Growing up I always saw this place as a nice upscale restuarant, now it's a cool laid back pub with a patio that overlooks the Willamette River.

Winston High School Class of '88 (20 years later)

Later that evening, we met up at the 5th Street Market for round 2 of the HS Reunion. I was disappointed my best friend Eric wasn't there with his wife Margo, but we managed to have fun anyway.

Steve, Bob, Me, JP and his wife Deb, and Julie

I was very impressed with how good everybody looked after 20 years had passed. It must be the good Oregon water and fresh air that caused everyone to stay in a period of arrested development.

Jen, Kim, Darrin, Me and Kristen

Chelle and I

Jp and Deb, Chelle and I

Me with Julie and Colin

Bob and Christian

What a cool experience. I am real glad that Chelle and I attended. Good friends like I had back in school are great to reunite with and hopefully we will do a better job of staying in touch moving forward.

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