Sunday, November 11, 2007

A visit from Cowboy Keith

Friday night we had a very nice surprise visitor all the way from Nashville, TN. For those of you that have either lived in Music City USA or followed my music career, you may recognize Cowboy.

Cowboy used to run sound for All Star United. I had remembered it as being a longer time, but he claims it was only from 1998 to '99. Maybe it just seemed longer because it was so painful. Just kidding. It was an awesome time to be traveling together. Even though I don't get much of an opportunity to see Cowboy, he still feels like family to me. We shared a bunch of fun memories and had a great laugh.

He introduced Chelle and I to M'Lynn. She met him after he moved on from A.S.U. and started running sound for BR549. They have been friends ever since and whenever he makes it to L.A. they get together. M'Lynn was awesome and Chelle and I really enjoyed hanging out with her. We all went to dinner together and then stayed up quite late laughing about the good ol' days.

Saturday morning, we all went to CoCo's for breakfast, before they headed back up to Silverlake. Cowboy is now running sound for Peter Cetera, BR549 and Dena Carter. He also fronts his own band playing guitar and singing old time country tunes. Keep your eyes peeled, you may see him on the road or hear him on the radio sometime.

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Where is the sanchez?