Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Tree for the LA Crowes

Saturday Chelle and I went up in the mountains to find the perfect Christmas tree. We had to hike about a mile in the thick brush until we found the perfect tree. Next, we had to saw it down and all we had was a dull pocket knife. Chelle then carried the tree the mile back to the car as I was busy trying to get cellphone reception as I hadn't checked my email in over 45 minutes. We got back to the car, tied the tree to the top of the vehicle and drove back down the mountain to set it up and decorate it.

Just kidding, I never go 45 minutes without checking my email.

Ok, Ok none of that was true. We drove a mile down the street to the local Home Depot and paid $53 dollars for a tree that was already cut. But we did tie it to the roof and drive all the way back to the house with the tree precariously balanced on the top of the car.

Here is the tree before we put a bunch of shiny stuff on it.

This is what the tree looks like with all the pretty stuff attached.

After the tree decorating ceremony our friends Trent and Mike came down from the Valley to visit.

Us three dudes went for a curry at Ambala Dhaba in little India.

We then headed to Target to buy an outdoor fire pit to keep us warm as we all sat in the back yard the rest of the evening talking and enjoying some wine.

Chelle looks like she enjoyed the Turkey a bit too much during Thanksgiving.
...hey, where's Clementine?

OH! There she is!!!

I'm very proud of the size of my Dachshund.
(He was supposed to be a miniature but now weighs in at a whopping 22 pounds.)

The next morning Chelle made a fantastic breakfast for all of us. It was another fun weekend at the house. We certainly enjoying spending time with our friends.

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