Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Third Trip to Havasu

This last weekend Chelle and I made our third trip to Lake Havasu City, AZ in search of our future home away from home. Our very good friend Jake puppysat for us. The dogs seemed to know we were leaving and they weren't happy about it.

The last two trips we have taken the wieners with us, however this time was just for Chelle and I.

Crockett was especially unhappy about the idea of being left in California while we went off to sunny Arizona to look at houses. He crawled in the car as we were packing and wouldn't get out. We had to coerce him out with treats. He spent about 15 minutes in there while we were getting ready to go.

We finally hit the road and drove East.

We forgot about the time change and when we finally got out for our date, the kitchen was closed. We ended up eating at Chilli's and it was fine, but decided that Saturday we'd get an earlier start.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early (9:30am ;-) for our full day of house hunting. This is the view out our door to the patio overlooking the lake. As you can, it is a horrible way to wake up (read: sarcasm).

We visited 11 houses on Saturday in hopes that we would find the perfect house. It was a frustrating day as we found nothing spectacular.

Saturday evening we went to the Mudshark Brewing Company for dinner. It is a Micro Brewer that makes some very nice beers and even sells Growlers to go. We really had a good time in spite of the lack of a dream home find.

When we got back to the hotel I got back on the computer and continued looking for houses. I found four more that I thought were interesting. Sunday morning after eating breakfast at Ihop we got back in touch with our fantastic realty team who was more than happy to show us the properties. You'll have to wait to see what the outcome of that day was.

To Be Continued....

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