Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve in Nevada

Friday Chelle and I drove to my parents house in Sparks Nevada. We had told them that we were planning arriving on Saturday so when we showed up Friday it was quite a surprise.

Reunited Shaffer Chicks

Saturday evening we picked up Butch and Betty at the Reno airport and took them back to the David Walley Hot Springs Resort were we all spent the night.

Momma, Bella, and Papa Shaffer

The Resort is really nice and is only about an hour away from my folks house. The place is famous for its natural hot springs. Sunday we all went for a dip in the seven pools. It was totally relaxing and unlike most natural hot springs it didn't smell too bad.

The view of the mountains from our room.

The room has a patio that opens up to these great looking mountains. Just on the other side of the mountain range is Lake Tahoe. We hope to go for a drive around the lake later in the week.

The folks and Crockett

On Christmas Eve we all got together at my folks (the Crowe's) and had dinner together. We also watched a Christmas special church service.

Bella and Mom with Clementine

The family so far.

Eric is in Nashville and won't be able to join us this Christmas. Sivje and the family will be here early on the 26th. We are celebrating our Christmas on the 26th this year. So expect to see more group photos in the next few days.

Crockett chillin under the table

Pretty in pink


Cute Bella

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