Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Celebration

TADA~ Merry Christmas to the whole gang! Christmas 2007 in Reno
Front: Chellebelle, Niece India (16), Sissy Sivje holding Ahnalin (3 1/2)
back: Christian, Poppa John Crowe, Momma Barbara Crowe, Poppa Butchy Shaffer, Mommy Betty Shaffer, and Big Brother Don Parish.
What a wonderful day for all of us. This was the first time that both sides of our family united for the holidays and the first visit in person ever for Christian's siblings to meet Chelle's parents.
Santa sure was great to ALL of us!!

Momma Betts shows off some Christmas treasure.

Our Baby could not be the only one without a laptop - So, Gram and Grandpa Crowe bought her her very own bright green computer! India was our Christmas elf~ isn't she beautiful!!

Clementine was comfy all day long on her "poppy's" lap - life sure is grand for this little schnitz!

The girls in their favorite gathering place- Mom's kitchen. (Belle, Momma Crowe, and sissy Sivjegoose.)

This is adorable! Poppa John with his little princess Ahnalin

Christmas is for Kids~ and Crockett sure was happy Santa got his letter this year!

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