Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Holiday Hour

Wednesday after work Chelle and I welcomed my coworkers into our home to celebrate Christmas.

Val, Nick, Erin, Tiffany and Cecilia

Chelle had decorated the house so nicely and the place smelled delicious. We had an assortment of appettizers, sweets and festive beverages. Chelle even made her famous hot spiced apple cider.

Julian talking to Crockett and Clementine.

The puppies were so good. Of course they had their usual competition to be the loudest dog in the house as the guest arrived, but once everyone was in they relaxed and even made some friends.

Ed, Glen, Susan and Joe

At work on Wednesday Glen and Joe visited from HTC to discuss the Tilt and its benefits to our business clients. Since they were in town, we had them come over and get to know the team a little better.

Julian and Nick

We had so much fun We are real happy to have such great coworkers.

Cecilia and Shelly

The last two weeks a cold/flu has been making the rounds. Cecilia was feeling the effects of it, but was a trooper and still came to visit.

Me, Octavio and Cesar

Chelle and I got rid of the pool in the back yard and replaced it with a portable fire pit. We all enjoyed the hot apple cider and sitting out by the fire. It's true there is no snow on the ground here, but it is cold (by California standards) and the brisk air makes the Christmas season feel right.

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