Friday, February 22, 2008

Sean's Chopper is done.

Sean's new chopper

My buddy Sean sold his Harley and has been building a new bike for quiet awhile. It's finally complete and it looks great.

the new motorcycle

I'd like to get a comparison shot of it and my Vespa. I think my Vespa is a little tougher. just kidding. This thing is sweet!

me on Sean's XXL bike

The only problem is that it was custom made for Sean. He is 6'10". As you can see, I can barely reach the the handle bars.
Anyway, I'm excited for him and if you see him riding it around LA give him a wave.

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Anonymous said...

Such a fun and filled life you both live!! I can't wait to see your new house, it is wonderful to celebrate with friends...hint, hint :)
Congradulations, you must feel very proud and I know the pride you will take in creating a beautiful home!
Love, JCON family