Friday, February 22, 2008

Dinner with friends


A couple weeks ago a few of us that have left Sprint and a few that are still there, got together for dinner. During this meal the ratio was 3 that left to 4 still with the company. Shortly after the meal the tables turned as Aaron left the company making it 4 that left to 3 still there. It's our own little game of 10 little Indians.


I ate this. It was good, but looked weird.


Lane (trying to look silly) and Brandy (mugging for the camera) are both still with the fledgling company.


Julie (still there) and Greg (left before I did).


Making a photo for our myspace pages.


Andrew (trying to stay awake) has left the company but is trying to keep the gang together, planned this dinner. He is a very great guy. Next to him is Aaron, who celebrated his final day as a Sprint employee.

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