Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Donna Lee Comes to Cerritos to Play

Donna, Bella, and KC

"Reunited and it feels so good"
Donna, Bella and KC strike a pose pre-dinner at Fixx in the Bellagio Hotel

Donna and Chelle in Vegas

Donna Lee and me at an outdoor bar at Harrah's : I do believe a bucket of beers is waiting with our name on it!! That's right , we're in Vegas baby, Vegas!

KC and Chelle

Kc and me at Fixx after a wonderful dinner compliments of Boutique Bella~
Thank you SO much Kc and Renae for keeping us spoiled!!!! We love you!

Rich and Renee

The lovely couple - Rich and Renae (KC's business partner). These 2 wed in Vegas nearly 2 years ago and it was fantastic!!! Congrats you guys and cheers to many years of wedded bliss to come!

Crockett in motion

Crock-rocker loves to play fetch at the park. While Donna was here, we took the doxies for a Doggies day out to one of their favorite places to play and we 3 enjoyed the California sunshine in each others company. A great afternoon indeed!

dogs in the sun

Clementine gets her workouts chasing after Crockett - she could care less about fetch!

back patio with the Shockros and Donna

Saturday night we had a petite soiree at Casa de le Crowe. The Shockros joined us and we sipped cocktails and munched on apps outside in our favorite spot.

keeping warm by the fire

One of Megs exes and dear friends from days past, Chris Pickey, was in town on business.
He is also a musician (drummer) and a fan of All Star United - As one can imagine, he and Christian had plenty to talk about! The 6 of us had a blast!

sleeping wiener

Crockett partied a little too hard it seems!

Clementine on her bed

See momma Crowe, I told you they love their special bed I bought to match our cushions! And yes - we do know they are totally and utterly spoiled - I mean darling!

Megan and Clementine

Meggie moo and her lil Clemmie poo

Clementine gets some Shockro love

The super sweet Shockros sharing some sugar

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