Thursday, September 06, 2007

Annual Big Bear Camping Trip

Friday August 24th after work we loaded into our friend Sean's Jeep Wrangler and drove up to Big Bear for a camping adventure. This is the second year that Chelle and I have been able to spend time with friends at Hana Flats near Big Bear Lake. There were 14 campers spread across 2 neighboring campsites. We had an absolute blast, but as is always the case, the sky opened up while we were boating and the rain fell. Just like last year it didn't matter. No amount of rain can dampen our spirits.

The Dutch Oven

Krista and Craig cooked lasagna for us on the fire. They are very resourceful campers.

Chelle and Lisa

Chelle's and my camera pooped out so the pictures I am posting were taken by Lisa. We certainly appreciate her eye for a good shot.

The lovebirds on a pontoon boat.

Saturday we all loaded onto a rented pontoon boat and went a trolling. At first the weather was beautiful and the party was kicking.

Ugo and Renee

As is the case most times we get to hang out with the gang from the south bay, the festivities were planned by party planner extraordinaire Renee.

We could see the storm coming but we kept our spirits up to the last minute.

Sean and Trina

Trina and Renee

We actually attempted to make it back to shore, but the rain turned to hail and we weren't enjoying the feeling of being pelted. Craig then turned the boat back towards the one spot on the lake were the storm was not active.

We did find rest from the storm and so subsequently we shut the boat off and relaxed. When we decided to call it a day and head in the boat would not restart. We tried everything we could think of. Not being boat mechanics, we finally resorted to flagging down another boat for help. After sitting in a broken boat for about two hours, twelve year old Evan came to our rescue. Evan tied a string to our floating dock and towed us back to safety.

Our hero

Once back to shore we headed back to the campsite for another great meal, campfire and s'mores. The rain didn't come back and we had a dry nights sleep.

We can't wait for next years trip!


Anonymous said...

Great pics! It is so nice to see a family having fun camping.

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JamyeO said...

Fun, fun!
I miss camping.