Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Impromptu drive down the coast ends up in horse track gambling fiasco

Actually, it was nothing like that, honestly officer. Seriously, this last Sunday we drove down the coast to Del Mar to visit with Greg and Megan. We had a beautiful scenic drive down the 101 through some real small towns. After getting to the Shockro's house we walked from their house over to the Del Mar Track. They live in a very cool area, two short blocks to the ocean and maybe a quarter mile from the horse track.

It was the day of the Pacific Classic. The track was packed with men in white suits and women with big hats. Totally reminiscent of Nashville's Steeplechase.

Chelle and Megan putting on their best "LA Face" for the camera.

I didn't wear a white suit, but I did wear a funny hat.

The Del Mar track is beautiful. You can see the some big body of water just over the tops of the building. I had been to Alamitos Track before, but this is much better. Apparently Bing Crosby was instrumental in this thing's success.

The horses lined up for us to take a look, so we could be better prepared to bet on who was going to run faster. Chelle and I prefer to pick our winners on much stricter guidelines. We go by the name of the horse and the color of the jocky's outfit. If we like both, we have a winner!

We always have a great time with the Shockro clan. We are certainly more blessed than we deserve to be.

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