Thursday, September 06, 2007

Surprise Cruise to Cabo

Wednesday August 29th after work we dropped the wiener dogs off at the kennel, drove to Del Mar and spent the night with Greg and Megan. Thursday morning, Megan drove Chelle and I into San Diego. It was at that point that I realized that my surprise weekend getaway was a 5 day cruise to Cabo San Lucas!!!

Chelle is quite the trickster. She had made all the arrangements and even packed for me so I would be totally in the dark as to her plans. All I knew was that I had asked for Thursday, Friday and Tuesday off from work. She even confused me more by laying my sweaters on the bed and asking if liked to fish. Tricky girl.

This cruise was with Carnival, departed out of San Diego and went south to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We spent several hours in Cabo and then cruised back to San Diego. The entire trip lasted from Thursday afternoon until Monday morning. We had fantastic weather. After we left Cabo, a storm blew in. In fact, they had to reroute the cruise that followed ours because the storm was so bad. We didn't see any of the bad weather. It was all sun and clear skies for the Crowes.

The first thing that they do when you board the ship is to teach you how to escape in case of an emergency. We all had to put on our life vest and meet in our designated places. After the instructions were given they escorted all up on deck to where we would board the lifeboats if necessary.

Once the emergency procedures were explained we went to the aft deck to wave goodbye to the U.S.

The rooms on cruise ships are compact and a little cheesy - just like my silly wife :)

The atrium is really cool. This one was open to five floors and had two glass elevators. Cruise ships are pretty amazing, I would encourage everyone to try one at least once if they can. You'll probably dig them as much as we are starting to. Imagine going on a vacation where you don't have to drive or pack and unpack several times. To me, that is the sign of a good vacation. It's a lot like traveling on a bus during a rock tour minus the rock-n-roll.

We were elated to be on the Elation. Sorry, I know it's bad. They can't all be brilliant comments.

Friday night was formal night. Everyone is encouraged to wear suits and ties or a dress depending on your gender.

They have several places to eat, many bars, a few clubs, and two theaters.

In this club there was a band called the Highlights. They played an eclectic mix of disco and eighties. I played a fun game called, name the tune and one called, "Hey Chelle, I played this one in a disco band back in the 90s!" Chelle played a game called, "ignore Christian and just dance, dance, dance."

In Mexico we ate lunch and had a few cervases.

After lunch we walked to quiet spot on the beach. I imitated the boats and floated. Chelle got a beautiful tan. I got burned like a hot tamale with extra Tabasco!

We walked further down the beach to a crowded beach bar called Mango. There was a ton of people from the U.S. on vacation enjoying the beach and the Margaritas. They played several fun games and Chelle nearly won the "name that tune".

Back to the boat to continue cruising.

Trivia time, anyone know what blockbuster was filmed on this hill?

Now do you recognize it? That's right. This was the site of the movie Troy, starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom.

Usually the shots like this are of Chelle kissing my cheek. This time it's me kissing her. She was truly amazing to plan this entire trip and keep it a secret up until the very last minute. She is amazing! I am such a lucky man.


Sharon said...

I love checking your blog and finding you and Chelle embarking on so many exciting adventures~ you two really live life to the fullest. You are such an inspriration!
Please give that darling Chelle a gargantuan (sp?) hug:)
P.S. and give smooches to your pups, too:)

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky! I would love to be surprised with a cruise to Cabo.

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