Saturday, July 15, 2006

Parking in California

I understand parking a big SUV in California is sometime difficult but this is crazy!
Actually, this was the reason for a very big slow down on the 405 on the way to Dana Point for the Sprint SoCal Solutions Consultants Team gathering.

After the SC picnic, Chelle and I continued south to Del Mar for a sleep over at Greg and Megan Shockros. Greg was out of town so Chelle and I went to keep Megan company.
Chelle got a belated birthday gift, but it was well worth the wait.....Megan knows her taste to a tee and selected a gold "weekender" original by Andy Warhol. It is Glorious!!!!

You can tell how pleased Chelle is by the ear to ear grin :) Thanks tons, Moo Moo!!!!
Is there anything in the world cuter than this puppy love? I think not!!!

It is a tradition for Megan and Christian to go head to head in war ---- that is the card game, of course, when we are together. (Usually Christian conquers), but this time tables turned in Megs favor!!!! Can you tell :)

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