Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independance Day From the LBC!!!!

What a day! It was Crockett and Clementines Independance day as well as America's. They made their first walk down 2nd Street with all the grown up puppies and humans. Chelle and I took them with us as we ate lunch at an outdoor cafe. They were so good! They didn't bark at any of the other dogs and walked so well down the sidewalk with us.
People stopped us several times to pet and admire them. We are very proud of our babies.
Later that night, after putting them down to bed, Chelle and I took the bus downtown to the waterfront to see the fireworks. It was very cool to see such a sense of community out for the fireworks. It seemed like the whole city was at the fireworks presentation.
When the fireworks ended there was a mass exodus. So many people headed back up to Ocean Blvd. and it seemed like everyone was going to wait for the bus that we wanted. Rather than sit and wait for the bus (that we knew would be uncomfortably full) we started walking in the direction of our home. An hour later we ended up at our condo. During the whole walk home only one bus passed us and it was incredibly full. If we hadn't decided to walk we may still be sitting at that bus stop.
All in all it was a lovely Fourth of July, however it pales in comparisone to last year when we were with both our sets of parents and several loved ones at Cass Lake Cabin. We hope next year we can recreate what we had last year.

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