Wednesday, July 05, 2006

First Vet Visit

We were so proud of our babies!(yes, still proud....)

They handled their first vet visit like champs. Our little boy weighs a stalwart 8.2 lbs and his waify counterpart scales in at a mere 3.75 lbs. All 12 pounds of love.....
Their lovely Dr. Assistant Erica held them gently and treated them with extreme care. We felt as though we were in great hands with both her and Dr. Moore. Each of them had to get shots and Clementine had hear ears cleaned out. The funny part is, that small little Clementine handled the shots so much better than stocky tuff Crockett. It amazes us how much Crockett and Clementine resemble Chelle and me at times. She is half his size, but much tougher than him. Just like my little Napolean wifey.....Hahaha!!!

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