Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We are moved in!!!!!

Oh my gosh! You have no idea. Well, you probably do if you have ever moved. In fact, everytime I do a move I think it's never been as bad. This one was no different. Chelle and I packed all day Saturday and Sunday as well took several trips down in our car. Living on the second floor in both the departing and arrive apartments makes for very sore legs and backs. Bright and early Monday we got up and got busy again. The Starving Students moving company truck arrived at 9:15am and once Grant and Robert assessed what was ahead of us, we started. The truck was packed by 1:30 and we headed south to the unloading spot, our new home! After arriving there, Chelle ran to Subway and us guys started unloading. We took a 15 minute break to shove the sandwiches down our throats and then we were back at it.
The truck was finally empty 9 hours after it arrived at our old place. We said our goodbyes to our new friends from the moving company and we started the unpacking process. Shortly afterwards, Chelle and I walked across the bridge to 2nd street and ate dinner at Ryan's Grill. Then back to the new apartment to make a place to sleep.
We are so delighted to share this new place with all our friends and family. We can't wait to share this new piece of heaven with all of you. So now it's time again for all of you who have visited us to schedule another trip to Cali to spend more time with us.
This time we will lounge at the pool and if the spirit moves us we can walk across the bridge and camp out on the beach.

Pictures and video to follow.



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