Thursday, May 04, 2006


I don't have a photo of it, but on my way home from work I had to fill the tank. First I went to my favorite gas station the cheapest unleaded was $3.69 a gallon! The premium was $3.99. Across the street cheapest was $3.59. I ended up turning around and going back to the station that is traditionally more expensive. The sign read $3.37, $3.47 and $3.59. When I pulled up to the pump I saw a small sign taped to the gas handle stating that the $3.37 gas was out of order. After moving my car to another pump I realized that all the $3.37 pumps were like that. So I had to put the $3.47 gas in. I can't get over how crazy these gas prices are. It's driving me nutty!! Well, I guess the bright side is that Chelle and I moving this weekend, so I will be in scooter distance to my office again.

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JamyeO said...

Go, go, Vespa Rock-Star!!!
Good luck with the move.
We will be doing likewise.
Love you!!